Monday, 20 February 2012

Weekly Summary #1

Gotye - Making Mirrors on Spotify, egg and homemade chips, revision not going so well, pasta bake, Rose, a photo of Colette and I from New Years Eve.

  1. This week has been an odd one. We got back from Berlin on Monday evening, at the start of Reading Week. It's safe to say that no reading has been done.
  2. Rose stayed over on Thursday; Abbey came over and I cooked our tea. It was supposed to be cannelloni, but I couldn't find pasta sheets big enough (Tesco, you failed me) so it became a pasta back instead. It was delicious.
  3. Colette sent me the photo from New Years Eve on Friday evening when she was on her way home. I'm not keen on how I look, but she looks lovely in it. I also had a hair cut and dyed it this weekend. Feel much like myself again.
  4. Worked all weekend, as usual. However, Sunday was brightened by an old friend offering to take me for drinks next time I'm back. I spoke to another friend and certain things that were troubling me were confirmed. The week hasn't ended on a high note, but this week I'm planning on getting my act together and concentrating on other things. I want to get back to being completely happy with myself. My dad might be visiting me this week and Rose is promising me a girly weekend, so hopefully by next week I'll be a bit happier. Never down for long.
  5. I'm planning my University blog post(s) for later this week too; I want to cover what happened to me after Result's Day, my first year and Fresher's, and then my second year up until now. I think it will be in two, maybe three parts. Really excited to write it though.


  1. you got back from berlin?! :) cool! you have such a nice blog and you both are so pretty :))


    1. thank you so much! yeah we finally got back about 10 hours later than expected, but all in one piece. x

  2. Mmm I spy a dominos! And those handmade chips look ever so yummy! Also the colour of the dress suits you ever so much!x

    Caught up in Cake

  3. Dominos is the only thing that got me through revision! Thanks very much :) x


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