Sunday, 26 August 2012

Weekly Summary #28

This was a disappointment, Team name - 'You're a quizard, Harry', Packing for uni,
To do list is long - and getting longer, Friday's outfit, Curry for tea with my favourite,
Eating my feelings, Today's outfit, Tonight's plans.

  1. Another week passes without any new blog posts. I am going to stop making lame excuses, but I will say this - I move back to Manchester this time next week and will have much more spare time so do expect more blog posts! I start work experience on the 3rd, so I may do some posts relating to that - outfits etc. It's all exciting stuff!
  2. Like I said, I move back to Manchester next weekend, so I've been busy compiling lists and sorting through my mountains of crap. I went to my house yesterday, taking 3 suitcases worth of stuff, and organised everything. My room is my favourite place ever, and I'm very lucky as I've been given a small tv for my room. I've never had a tv of my own in my room before so I can't wait to get it set up.
  3. Lydia is currently at Leeds Fest and she texted me yesterday saying she was watching two of my favourite bands - Coheed and Cambria and Deaf Havana. I grumbled and Dad bought me a McDonalds so I could drown (?) my sorrows. I am massively jealous, but definitely not a festival-goer, I've been to one (Reggae Sundance in Amsterdam when I was 17) and definitely didn't enjoy it so I don't bother nowadays. I wish I could have gone to Leeds Fest for the day though.
  4. This week promises to be another busy one: I'm going over to Lancashire to see my nephews and older sister tomorrow, going to Huddersfield on Tuesday and possibly York on Wednesday. In between all this I'm packing everything up for uni, doing the last few washes, buying the last few bits and transferring money all over the place. It's very hectic! Exciting though, I cannot describe how excited I am to be moving out again!
So there we go, my week. Like I said, don't expect too much from me in the upcoming week, but I promise I will try to get a few blog posts written once I'm back in Manchester! I miss writing regularly. 

Thank you for reading, and for sticking with me! I appreciate every single reader :) xxx

Monday, 20 August 2012

Weekly Summary #27 - on a Monday (technically Tuesday, it's getting worse)

Best cookies possibly ever, Sin City in bed, Always the first one awake,
Outfit, Train station is my second home, Fresh tattoo,
Mango and Passionfruit Costa, Abbey loves me, LOTR

  1. I'm getting really bad at blogging again guys, I'm sorry. I've been busy (the usual excuse) getting sorted for uni. I move back 2 weeks today, but I'm going to my house on Saturday so I've been getting as much sorted as possible to take with me. I'm also looking and applying for jobs in Manchester. It's exciting but a bit of a drag.
  2. I've cut down my hours at work but it still feels like I'm there constantly. I hope I manage to find another job in Manchester as it will make my life at least 70% easier (approximately). I've also cheered up a ton though, something with a certain person has changed and done a complete 180, so I'm happy. Second chances are a good thing sometimes.
  3. Oh I also got tattooed again. It's on my upper inner arm and took just over 2 hours. It isn't finished yet, it has another hour to go on it yet but I couldn't sit to finish it. It is the most painful tattoo I have had to date. The inner arm is such a tender area and it was awful. There are so many pressure points under the arm pit (apparently, I don't know) but I definitely felt the pain. It looks amazing though. I got it done by Tom Flanagan who works at the Oddfellow Tattoo Collective in Leeds, check out his instagram: triple_denim
  4. It's another busy week ahead for me, although I have been give 3 CONSECUTIVE days off (never happens ever!) so I'm starting packing, organising finances, ringing Student Finance and making numerous lists. Awesome. I do love organising stuff though. 
  5. Just a note to say - I GOT TICKETS FOR THE ALEXISONFIRE FAREWELL TOUR. Now I don't know how many of my readers are Alexisonfire fans, but this is the final tour. Ever. And I have tickets. It's all the way in December but I cannot wait. I got the poster bundle for me and a friend - £150 in total, gulp, - so worth it. Here's hoping I get paid a lot so I can replenish my savings!
Just a quick message - thank you to the new followers this week, I've been a horrible blogger for the past month or so, so here's hoping I get better soon. Things should be better once I'm back in Manchester with some time to spare!

Thank you for sticking around and reading!
Love to all xxx

Monday, 13 August 2012

Weekly Summary #26 (on a Monday again)

Started re-watching Buffy, Presents from Mum from Brid, Booked in for a tattoo,
Home sweet home in Manc, Brand new bedding, New trainers,
Blistery feet, Dominos for tea with Lauren and Lyd, Best cookies ever,
Platt Fields Park, Left over cookies for snack time, Fave food,
New shirt from Ark, Walkies, Package from Monki,
'Boris Johnson' followed me, Outfit, CV editing

  1. It's been a long, busy week this week. On Monday I went to Ikea to buy some things for my room in Manchester, which is now all lovely and gorgeous. I can't wait to move back in September. So ready to get away from home again.
  2. I've been at work as usual, but on Thursday I went to Manchester for the evening to spend some time with two of my housemates. We had Dominos and watched Kes. It was good to be back.
  3. The weather was lovely too, so Lauren and I went for a walk around Platt Fields Park while Lydia finished an essay (lol). We had a long chat and formulated an action plan for me. I'm planning on (hopefully) living in Manchester full time once I have completed my degree so I'm starting part-time job hunting in a couple of weeks! I've applied for a couple already, so fingers crossed!
  4. I have also definitely sorted a start date for my work experience. I will be working at an independent book publishers in the Northern Quarter for three days a week. I am so excited!
  5. Alexisonfire have announced a farewell tour in December so I'll be fighting tooth and nail to get tickets. Even if I have to travel to London to see them. I've never got to see them live so I need to go to this show!
  6. I bought the last pair of size four lo Nike blazers in Footlocker. I am in love. They were obviously meant to be mine ;) even if it meant being a bit irresponsible and breaking into my overdraft to get them. I also booked in for a tattoo with the lovely Tom Flanagan at Oddfellows Tattoo Collective in Leeds. I get tattooed on Friday and cannot wait! Mum isn't happy.
  7. Last night I joined my friends as we all went to Oakwell to play games and have fun. We played kick rounders, timebomb and duck duck goose. Because we are five. It was good fun though!
  8. Overall it's been a good week. Going to Manchester gave me the break I needed from home and I feel more settled. 3 weeks and counting until I move back completely!
Sorry it's a day late! I've just been really busy this week :)

Hope you're all well, and thanks for reading xx

Monday, 6 August 2012

Chicken Soup for the Soul (or something like that)

New Room

We all have those things we do to make ourselves feel better. Some shop, some go for a run, some comfort eat. I personally clean, tidy and rearrange my room - I'd shop more if I could but I always end up with a case of buyer's guilt (not that it stopped me buying the shoes from this post). 

Like I said in my last post, this week hasn't been great, so I've arranged a trip to Manchester for a couple of days to see my housemates and take advantage of a couple of stress-free days. I plan on re-organising my room, with a theme of blue, white and grey. Having a clear out is cathartic, as my mum says, so I plan on completely gutting my room, and starting afresh. Nothing major needs doing, just a change of bedding and a few other touches.

I went up to Ikea this morning and bought the two sets of pillow cases (plus an extra pillow), a matching fitted sheet, and the cushion, which came to the grand total of £7, staff discount and finding a gift card in my room does wonderful things for my bank balance. I placed a cheeky order with Urban Outfitters last night and purchased the Alice in Wonderland duvet cover, on sale for £30 - half price - here (use the code UO10 to get an extra 10% off)

Something a little bit different is needed as my room at the moment is quite neutral, and although £30 is pretty excessive for a duvet cover, I know the end result will be worth it, plus it was way too cute to pass up on. 

Next on my shopping list is this lamp (everything on my shopping list will be from Ikea, as I work there I get discount, so I may as well use it) as I don't actually have a desk lamp, which is ridiculous. I also plan on getting a few bits for the kitchen, a few sharp knives, new pans and some new crockery. I have way too many plates in Manchester so I plan on bringing them all home and buying myself a new, fully matching set.

I'm going to pack up all of the unnecessary clutter, clean everything and sort my room, and self, out. I always find that an organised room can help bring about an organised state of mind - perfect for the start of a new academic year. Motivation always seems to strike when everything is tidy.

The plan of action regarding my current state of mind is simply to be patient (for now). I know it won't last forever, so I shall be keeping myself busy and trying not to wallow. Enough tears have been shed this past week, it's time for a clean slate. A few deeps breathes.

Tonight I'm tackling my room here, which is a complete tip, with my sister. Mum ordered a skip (do not ask) so literally everything unwanted is getting chucked in there. Very cathartic indeed.

Thanks for reading x

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Weekly Summary #25

Went to Asda for tights and came back £20 lighter, American History X, Waiting for yet another train,
Shopping with Lydia - only bought the cardi though, Exciting night in, Bad day warrants a nap,
New dress is pretty, Forever walking, In LOTR,
Night out, Back early from the night out, Jonny Craig appreciation

  1. Hi everyone, busy week again this week; full of ups and downs. Mainly downs. You know when you can sense something beginning and going really well, and then boom! It all collapses? Yeah, well that happened to me this week, and I am now being ignored. I am emotionally worn out, but had a long chat with my mum about everything I'm stressed about and we've sorted out a plan of action, so hopefully things should be looking up. I've been really happy over the past few weeks and now I feel back to square one. I'm just not myself right now (I got sent home from work 2 hours early today due to being a wreck). Onwards and upwards!
  2. I ordered my trainers from Office over a week ago and they still haven't arrived. There was a mix up with the courier, so I emailed Office and the lady who replied was extremely helpful, so no complaints as to customer service, I'm just a bit miffed. Hopefully they'll be here tomorrow.
  3. I checked my bank balance and have more than expected left, so tomorrow I am going to Ikea to take advantage of my discount and buying some new things for my room in Manchester. I'm going to Manchester on Thursday until Friday afternoon so I plan on redoing my room a bit and completely cleaning it top to bottom. It's cathartic, as my mum says.
  4. I've been listening to Jonny Craig loads this week. He's playing in Leeds a few days after my birthday and I'm tempted to go, it all depends on whether I can persuade someone to come with me.
  5. Aesthetic Magazine is now available for pre-order (here)! A complete bargain at £4! I'm ordering mine tonight, I can't wait to receive it - it includes my first piece of writing in print!
I hope you're all well, thanks for sticking around xx

p.s. if any of you know where I can get a cute, but plain rucksack (nothing like Eastpak etc) let me know, I'm going shopping tomorrow!

Wednesday, 1 August 2012


JumperShoesDisco Pant dupesBikini top and bottoms - all River Island

For this month's post I thought I'd post my picks from River Island. I'm having a bit of a love affair with the shop at the moment, after years of disregarding it because of its gaudy, sequin adorned clothing, but it has really upped its game over the past year or so.
I (may) have already bought the trousers after lusting over the disco pants for months. I wasn't sold on the shininess of the disco pants, and at 5ft 1, they would almost definitely be too long. I tried these on and it was love. They're thick, but not suffocatingly so and are really comfortable. I feel like Sandy at the end of Grease in them.

Anyway, onto the other stuff. I saw these shoes when I was shopping and had to prise myself away from them, same with the jumper. I tried it on and it's a really lovely loose knit, so it wouldn't be too warm in this summer (ha!) weather we haven't been having, but will also be lovely in winter with a vest underneath. 

I may be going on holiday in May for a week, and love anything blue and white striped. The hinge detail on this bikini makes it a bit different. Although, a white bikini may not be the wisest move ever.

Playlist for July has been:

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