Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Christmas For Her

Christmas For Her

Make-up/skin care/fragrances are always a good pick for girls. Personally I never ever buy myself perfume as it is so expensive, so it's lovely to receive it as a gift. I've also been a little bit indulgent here and included a Sylvia Plath book. Woops. 

I also was very generously offered the chance to try out a Sanctuary set, which, when I received it (damn you Royal Mail) I thought would make an excellent gift for mums. 

The set arrived in this huge box, I was pretty taken aback by the sheer size of the thing! It contains seven items, I'm not sure if they are all full sized, but the body wash and body butter definitely are. The body butter is massive! 

Left to Right: Body Butter, Body Wash, Foaming Bath Soak, Illuminating Moisture Lotion SPF 15, Heel Balm, Purifying Face Wash and a Body Scrub.

Everything came beautifully packaged, and although I haven't had a chance to try out everything yet, the products I have tried are lovely. The SPF lotion is light on the skin and sinks in quickly, however it does smell a bit like sun cream. It is paraben free too.

The body scrub and body wash both smell like oranges, which is lovely and refreshing; it isn't over-powering or too synthetic smelling either.

The face wash is a clear gel-like consistency, which is light and doesn't leave the skin too dry-feeling. I do have a skin care routine I'm pretty happy with, so I don't know if this would replace my usual cleanser. It is a lovely size for travelling though, and I will definitely be taking it to London with me this weekend.

I'm unsure as to whether this whole set is available to buy as is, but I do know that Sanctuary gift sets (and individual products) are stocked in Boots, and are usually on 3 for 2. I tend to buy a Sanctuary gift set for my mum/grandma for Christmas, so I was pleased to be able to try out the products for myself.

I hope this has proven helpful! 
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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Christmas For Him

Christmas For Him
Joules For Men Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes set - £14
Ted Baker Wallet and Cardholder set - £35
Clarks Desert Boots - £79
Ted Baker Socks Set - £22
Best of John Miles CD - £13.25

I'm going to jump on the bandwagon and post a couple of gift guides. I don't have many people to buy for at Christmas so I'll try and be as broad as possible in my choices. Alongside this one I plan on doing one for her, and then one for stocking fillers.

These are few things I've chosen for this year. I find men really difficult to buy for! Another couple of ideas are a watch - Casio is always pretty cheap on Asos, and smellies are always a good bet!

Monday, 26 November 2012

My Christmas Wishlist

My Christmas Wishlist
New Balance 420s in Grey Suede, Dr Martens Nixon Boots,
Virginia Woolf's Selected Essays, Hutton's Library Scented Candle.

I am rubbish at thinking of things that I would like as gifts, as I fall into the trap of looking for things I need rather than want. 
I think that at Christmas it's nice to have something to open, rather than receiving money, so these are a few things I wouldn't mind seeing under the tree (not including the things I have asked my sister to get me - she bugged me for ages).

I have lusted after the 420s for months but they are never in stock in my size. I'm a massive Woolf fan so these selected essays would be lovely to read whilst burning the candle (which is also out of stock everywhere). I have asked my mum for the Nixon boots, as they're a bit different from the Clark's Desert boots, and cheaper, and new make up and skin care is always appreciated.

What's on your Christmas list?

Weekly Summary #41

OOTD, Dissertation work, I'm funny.
Lords of Dogtown, Charmed.

  1. This week has been manic, therefore fewer photos and late posting. We're coming up to the final couple of weeks of term so expect fewer posts (ha I know one a week is hardly crazy blogging) and slightly frazzled everything.
  2. I've actually began working on my dissertation. Nothing has been written yet, lets not go crazy, but my arse has been well and truly kicked into action. I'm stressy.
  3. However, I have pretty much completed my Christmas shopping! Mum, Dad, sister and boyfriend all have their main presents bought so it's just little stocking fillers to buy. 
  4. I'll also be posting three gift guides, and then my own Christmas wishlist over the next couple of weeks, just to give you all a few ideas; I'm busy compiling those right now!
Sorry this is so rushed but I have a chapter to read and then an episode of Charmed to watch. I've just started a whole rewatch and am superglued to Netflix!

Thanks for reading x

Stocking Fillers

Stocking Fillers

O.P.I The Top Ten - £28.50
Owl Compact Mirror - £12
Topshop Gift Card
Lindt Lindor - £3.50
iPhone Case - £8.00
Rob Ryan Cup - £9.00

Looking at this selection, it is pretty much girl orientated, sorry about that. Although these items could easily be switched out for more male orientated picks. I put the O.P.I set in there because, although pricey for a stocking filler, it can be broken up and put in numerous stockings. Also, Lindor just scream Christmas for me. My sister and I always get a box at Christmas.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Weekly Summary #40

OOTD, Went to the David Shrigley exhibition, Red velvet cake,
OOTD, To do list, Lunch - day two of work experience,
Lunch - day three of work experience, 007 watching me work, Reece's hair is LONG,
Got paid in books, Taking up all the room, Good girls.

  1. This week has been CRAZY busy. I didn't have a rest until Friday night when I stayed at Reece's. I was bad company and crashed out. Oops.
  2. I did three days work experience at Manchester University Press and it was honestly the most helpful three days of my life. I have definitely decided that Publishing is the industry I want to work in. The staff I worked with were ready to answer any questions and give me tips on how to progress. I got told that the amount of work experience I've been doing is really good, and even got told by one of the editors that if I applied for an entry level position at MUP I would get an interview, which is definitely encouraging! I also got to choose a couple of books to take with me, which was extremely generous of them. I'm honestly so happy regarding my career right now. I have one more internship to do at the end of the year and then I think that may be it for work experience! I've worked so hard, it's time to concentrate fully on my dissertation!
  3. I'm off to a post-grad fair on Wednesday to look in Masters courses, and how to get funding for them. I really want to continue studying, but the financial aspects is a major negative; if anyone has any tips it would be really helpful!
I don't have much else to say really, this week shouldn't be as busy, so I can get some serious work done! I have a couple of assignments coming up in December so I think I'll start trying to look into them! How exciting.

Thanks for reading :) xxx

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Weekly Summary #39

Burrito, Rain City Tattoo, Reece's finished tattoo - Bill Murray from A Life Aquatic..
Dissertation reading (each post-it is colour themed), Lovely print by Gre Hale from Reece, New trainers,
And bag, More dissertation reading, Going home.

  1. Last week was a busy one. Reece came to get tattooed in Manchester on Tuesday, so I accompanied him (and watched him squirm) as he got a portrait of Bill Murray tattooed on his leg by Matt Cooley - who, by the way, is the nicest guy ever. I also go treated to the lovely print in the fifth photo. It's two mice entwined, with banners reading 'To Be Alone With You'. The cutest thing ever.
  2. My packages came this week, which was probably the most exciting thing to happen all week. Wild, I know. The trainers are so comfortable, and the bag is worth every single penny. I love them both.
  3. I also got worried about my dissertation progress, or lack of, so started reading. I have on novel to read and one left to mark up and then I get to seriously get stuck in. Hopefully by the start of next week.
  4. This coming week I am working every single day. I have 3 days work experience at Manchester University Press, which I am ridiculously excited about. I really want to get in to publishing once I finish my degree (dreams of doing a Masters will have to be put on hold) so these three days are going to be so helpful. I can't wait!
  5. I also bagged myself a month-long editorial internship with where I'll be working from home, proof-reading and publishing articles onto the website. I start mid-December. I'm proud of the way I am a bit like a dog with a bone when it comes to getting work experience - I won't take no for an answer. My CV is filling up nicely, even though my social life may be dwindling.
  6. I need to start Christmas shopping. Now. ARGH.
A busy week for me! And this one shows no sign of slowing down!

I hope you all had a nice week. Must dash, I have 50 pages to read before I can call it a night.

Thanks for reading xx

Friday, 9 November 2012

What I Wore Today #1


Mango coat, Usc dress - no longer available, Fossil watch, Carhartt bag,
Nike trainers, Primark snood - not online.

This is what I wore to uni today; the shoes and bag are both recent acquisitions, retail therapy was needed after a naff weekend last week. 

I'm in love with trainers at the moment and very rarely wear anything else; I've been reading Scandinavian fashion blogs a lot at the moment - my favourites are and - where trainers are often the footwear of choice. The Scandinavian style is really interesting and inspiring. 
This Nike pair were a complete bargain, and also replace my black Vans which are dying a death. They're also super comfortable. 

I'm also getting more into street-wear brands, like Carhartt - the bag was a bargain at £35 from Zalando. I had initially seen the bag on Asos for £44, so £40 with student discount, but then found it on Zalando for £40, but if you sign up to their mailing list you get a £5 voucher to spend, reducing the price further.
Although Carhartt is pretty expensive full price, the quality belies it though, as it is a brand that started out as a durable work-wear brand so everything lasts ages.

In the end I did end up changing the dress to a big black jumper (from H&M years ago), belted at the waist, as it was way too cold for the dress, and of course wore tights and socks. 

I'm not an OOTD girl - I hate having my photo taken, but I like piecing together these collages, so let me know if you like them and I'll keep doing them :)

Thanks for reading x

A book review will be going up once I get back to Manchester; I forgot to take photos before I came home!

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Weekly Summary #38

£50 Domino's, Coffee date, American sweeties,
Ootd, Again, Purchases,
Ootd, ALEXISONFIRE TICKETS ARRIVED, Buy one get one free gingerbread lattes

  1. This week was my reading week from uni; safe to say absolutely no reading was done. I am actually starting to panic about how little dissertation work I've done to be honest. Kick up the arse is needed!
  2. Reece stayed in Manchester this week, you can see what we got up to in this post :) It was lovely to have him here for longer than a day.
  3. We came home on Wednesday evening and I have been working every day since - helpful for Christmas present-buying money, but a bit crap otherwise. 
  4. I also managed to get into a huge fight with a taxi driver. He turned up 20 minutes late,  making me late for work, so I refused to pay. He tried to follow me into work and threatened to phone the police. Luckily, the lovely managers at work stuck up for me and got rid of him. Very hectic, and scary.
  5. MY ALEXISONFIRE TICKETS CAME. Definitely one of the highlights of a rubbishy weekend; Reece and I are off to London the first weekend in December to attend the farewell gig. I can't wait!
Definitely a week of two halves, but some cheeky (and cheap) purchases have helped sooth the wounds of a crap weekend!
I hope you are all well!

Thanks for reading x

Thursday, 1 November 2012


Dress and socks - Topshop, 80 denier tights - Miss Selfridge, 

I'm going to be a cliche and say it: where the hell has 2012 gone?! There are less than ten weeks of the year left, and Christmas present budgeting panic has set in, alongside dissertation panic (I haven't even finished the novels I'm writing on yet, major self-loathing going on here).

Anyway, this outfit is a complete dream. I would buy and wear every single thing, however the dress would not suit me, but I adore it regardless. Plus it would look awesome under my Mango coat, but as usual the Topshop price tag is way out of my budget.
I actually have the rucksack (read: filched it from my boyfriend after he bought a new one) and it is the perfect size. I love it. 

I am loving the cold weather at the moment, I'm sure it will become old very quickly, but right now, I love being able to get wrapped up warm and wear a ton of layers. I just don't work in Summer.

October's playlist:

Thanks for reading x
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