Sunday, 30 September 2012

Weekly Summary #33 (21st Birthday edition)

First day back at uni, Princess Diaries, Coffee cake,
Off to Huddersfield, Compromise - football and film, FINISHED!
Going home, Reunited, Birthday meal starter,
And main, Birthday OOTN, On cola

  1. Hi guys! I'M 21 TOMORROW!! So this week has been crazy! I started back at uni on Monday, went to see Reece on Wednesday, went to Leeds on Thursday then back to Manchester on Friday and then finally back home on Friday evening.
  2. Reece took me into Leeds and we went for an early birthday meal at Zizzi's in the Light. Italian food is my ultimate favourite so we gorged ourselves. He also bought me my replacement Jonny Craig ticket as he lost the other in his room somewhere. Fool.
  3. I also went out on Saturday night with my work friends, although due to catching a horrible cold off Lydia and feeling generally poop all week, I laid off the alcohol and went home early. I also rang in sick to work today and spent my time in bed recuperating. I now feel much better, although wish I could have stayed out a bit longer.
  4. I also had my inner arm tattoo finished. It only took about 40 minutes and didn't hurt half as much as the first session. I'm so pleased with it.
  5. Colette and I exchanged gifts tonight, as we won't see each other on our actual birthday. She got me a beautiful silver Fossil watch, which needs a link taking out, a feather bracelet and a feather ring. They're stunning. I refrained from wearing them until tomorrow though. I've got a stack of cards to open from family too, I feel very, very lucky. I think being 21 is going to be good.
I'm currently in bed and plan on watching Despicable Me and reading the last 50 pages of a book for uni tomorrow. It's been a good week :)

I hope you're all lovely (as always)
Thanks for reading xxx

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Weekly Summary #32

Pasta Norma for lunch with Abbey, New tattoo, Painting Reece's toenails - naturally,
Final uni book arrived, Masterchef marathon snacks, Caps texting,
Off to town, Blogged, Chicken and bacon wrap

  1. Hardly any photos this week as it's been another busy one! I had work experience on Monday and Tuesday; I'm really enjoying my time there, and I was given copy to proof-read before it goes into print tomorrow. Very exciting!
  2. Wednesday meant an induction at uni and then lunch at Font with some of the lovely ladies, and also hopping on the train to Leeds to get my leg tattooed by the lovely Sway at Sacred Electric. It was a spur of the moment decision sometime last week where I saw a sheet of flash he had drawn up and wanted to tattoo the pieces. I chose one and got booked in for Wednesday. I am ridiculously happy with it and Sway is a genuinely lovely guy. It was fun. I met Reece on the train back to Manchester and he came to stay for a couple of nights. It was lovely.
  3. I stayed in Manchester this weekend due to being off work so I have literally done nothing. Well, I popped into town yesterday on the lookout for a parka, but had no luck. I did buy a lovely jumper from Zara though, for a tenner.
  4. I'm back at uni tomorrow :D and can't wait. It feels like forever ago since I last sat in a seminar. I'm excited to have the routine again, I feel like this year is the year that counts, and I feel ready for it. I'm a better, stronger person than I was last year so I'm ready to give it my all. Cheesy. 
I'm off to catch an early night and do a bit of reading for the seminar tomorrow! I hope you all had a lovely week :)

Thanks for reading x

Ready for Autumn

Top: Grey Snood - Primark men £5, Striped jumper - Zara £9.99, Grey jumper - Primark £12, 
Black jeans - Primark £7
Centre: Black jumper - Primark £12, Boots - H&M £29.99, Maroon jumper - Primark £10, Grey T-Shirt - £16

The temperature in Manchester has plummeted over the past couple of days, so on a lunch break I did a quick run around Primark and picked up some jumpers to fully equip myself for another winter. I refuse to spend £38 on a jumper in Topshop, when there are some beauties in Primark at the moment. 

Every single one of the Primark jumpers is ridiculously cosy; I've lived in the maroon one since I bought it on Tuesday. It is also identical to Essie's Angora Cardi nail polish. 
I bought each of the jumpers oversized, to fully appreciate the comfiness. 

The snood was an impulse buy, but I find that the men's selection in Primark are bigger, and not adorned in sequins or glittery thread, which is definitely not my taste. 
The jeans, for £7 are amazing. They are of a similar thickness to the Topshop Leigh jeans, for reference, and have so far held their shape. I bought the petite size 6, and they fit like a glove. The only complaint is that they are a tad baggy around the ankles, but as I tend to roll my jeans up, it really doesn't matter.

The boots, which I have dubbed my 'Russell Brand boots', I first saw on Aimee's blog are definitely my favourite purchase so far. I resent spending a ton of money on boots, as I own a pair of Doc Marten's which I live in throughout winter. However, I googled around and found a couple of discount codes and managed to get these online for £25. Bargain. And they're comfortable and hug my feet perfectly - no breaking in required.

What are your Autumn essentials?

Thanks for reading x

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Weekly Summary #31

Lunch time purchases, Nandos with friends who came to Manc, Cuties,
Abbey gave blood, Reunited, Being annoying,
Post work McDonalds, Best test, Best t-shirt @getbentsaggy

  1. Yet another hectic but, overall, good week. Work experience is still going well - post on that soon. I did three days in the office last week, an intern left so some different work will hopefully be sent my way. It's all really interesting.
  2. A not so good thing to happen this week; I lost a friend. It's a strange and sad thing, but sometimes these things have to happen. It was nice for a time, but onwards and upwards I guess. 
  3. I had the loveliest day with Reece on Friday. I'd had a pretty naff couple of days, but going home and seeing him was just the pick-me-up I needed. We stayed in bed and watched The Warrior (recommend!!) and South Park. He's coming to Manchester on Wednesday evening and staying until Friday, which will be a lovely couple of days.
  4. I'm getting tattooed on Wednesday afternoon. Again. I can't wait!
  5. Student loan tomorrow a.k.a buy a TV License and pay rent/bills. Being a grown up is all the fun. May have a cheeky look in Topshop. Maybe.
  6. We have a full house in Manchester again! Lydia and Nat moved back in tonight so we're all here together. I can't wait for this year to start properly, although I do have a lot of reading to get stuck into before next Monday.
I hope your weeks have been lovely too :)
Thanks for reading x

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

My University Experience - Making a Room Your Own

You can almost sense this time of year if you live anywhere close to a university: the Freshers are coming. It's like something in the air changes, you can feel the nerves, the excitement and the butterflies a mile off.

In this post I'm going to (hope) to give some hints and tips on how to make your room at university your own. Having a home away from home will make the first few weeks a lot easier.

As you'll be able to see from the below photos, I don't live in halls (or dorms, whatever); I'm a soon-to-be third year student, so last year and this year I chose to live in a house. Yes, my room may be bigger than a room in halls, which often aren't much bigger than a prison cell (and don't look much better), but the basic principles are the same. 

This is how my room looks at the moment:

My first tip: Bring the comfiest, prettiest bedding you can find, whatever your taste. I'm actually an idiot when it comes to money, and spent £30 on this duvet cover - not including the pillow cases. However, it is thick and ridiculously comfy and I adore it.

It's a fact - students spend a lot of time in bed, so it makes sense to create a homely space to relax in. I'm lucky in that I get a double bed where I live - my first ever might I add. 

Second tip: Don't take every single thing you own with you. This is slightly hypocritical of me to say, because as you can see, my room is pretty jam packed. But particularly for Freshers, you really don't need to take every single piece of clothing, every pair of shoes, every DVD etc, you get my gist. 

You don't get allocated a lot of storage in your room, I know my wardrobe was absolutely miniscule, so my advice would be to take your clothes for Autumn and Winter with you, and then when you come home at Christmas, bring them back and take your Summery clothes back with you in January. A seasonal rotation of your wardrobe. Same applies for shoes.

Third tip: In an almost contradiction to my previous point do take things that remind you of home. Photos, a teddy, anything. I'm an English student, so books are my thing. I can guarantee any person who comes into my room says 'woah, got enough books?!', but books are what make me feel at home. I've always been surrounded by them. The fact is, this isn't even half of my collection.

As you can see, I have photos and prints up on my walls. It completely depends on where you live, I know my halls weren't too fussy about the use of blu-tack as long as it didn't stain (pins are a no-no anywhere) but there are some which don't allow blu-tack at all. However, most rooms have a drawing or cork board, where you can pin photos etc.

At the end of the day, it's the little things that make you comfortable; but don't take loads with you, it's a hassle (especially when your halls don't have a lift and you have to climb flights of stairs with numerous suitcases).

Top things to take with you:

  • Kitchen stuff - a maximum of 4 bowls/plates etc. Trust me, you probably won't need more than two realistically, but take 4. Things get broken.
  • Study equipment (laptop, any books required etc). Obviously you can buy this after you've moved, but all through August most supermarkets have 'back to school' deals on. Take advantage and save money. I would also recommend buying a printer. You can find them for less than £50 and most university libraries have printer charges so you may as well have your own. It saves time on deadline day too. I can guarantee most people are climbing over each other to get to any available printer.
  • Duvet, comfy bedding, and if you want, a rug. The carpets in halls are nasty. Keep your feet cosy.
  • Personal items - like I said, anything homely. At the end of the day, you want to make your room as homely and comfortable as possible. I decorated my room with fairy lights and pinned photos to my cork board. The little things really do help you to settle in.
If you're a Fresher, don't worry about moving. It's a lot of fun once the nerves evaporate. Enjoy it! The next few years go by fast.

Meg has done a couple of Youtube videos for Freshers here and here, choc-full of brilliant advice (probably bits I've forgotten to include).

I hope this has been helpful, and thanks for reading x

p.s. There are more posts you may possibly find helpful which are tagged as 'university experience' over at the right hand side of the page :)

Monday, 10 September 2012

'Slut Shaming' - Call Me A Slut!

Now, I'm just going to blurt it out: I recognise myself as a feminist. Not so controversial, right? 

However, a phrase that has been thrown around the internet quite a lot recently is 'slut shaming' (click for a definition of some kind). 
I spend (quite a lot of) time on Tumblr and this little alliterated coupling has been popping up all over the shop; it took me a while to fully get my head around the concept, and by no means am I calling myself well-read on the topic, quite the opposite in fact. 

What I understand by 'slut shaming' (calling girls sluts/slags/any other negative term regarding their sexual behaviour) is that it further serves to highlight the hypocrisy of society (in my opinion, anyway), and simply put: a female's  sexual activities are no more my business, than it is anybody else's, and therefore, we have no right to comment on it. It does not matter if a girl has slept with 1 man, 5, or 100. It is none of our business
Sure, personally I find a girl my age (20) sleeping with many different people (I know of people who have slept with 50+) slightly unsavoury, and not what I would personally do, but it doesn't make me think any less of them as a person. 

If sexual behaviour is healthy and safe, and not hurting a third party, we have no right to an opinion. A woman is not a 'slut' if she chooses to sleep around; in the same way that woman is not 'asking' to be raped by wearing a revealing outfit. The integral part to me here is choice. We all have a choice, and should not judge people on their free choices. 

Click here for an excellently worded post about slut-shaming and gender politics (not as dull as it sounds, I promise) It's a very entertaining read.

You must have been living under a rock in the recent months if you haven't heard of Kristen Stewart cheating on Robert Pattinson; I know this example has been done to death, but it is the most recent 'scandal' in the media, so there we go. Kristen Stewart chose to have an affair (the length of which has been much disputed, I believe) with a married man, Rupert Sanders, a choice that, of course, is wrong. However, it is only Kristen's career that has been affected. She has dropped out of numerous film projects that she was involved in. Now, I am not saying that infidelity (of any kind) is acceptable. In my humble opinion, cheating is completely unacceptable, I take an extremely black and white few on it: if you feel the need to cheat you cannot be truly happy in your relationship. I may be wrong, but that is my view. 

There are men who cheat whose careers have not suffered. Take Rupert Sanders - his career, as far as I am aware, hasn't suffered one bit; he is even back with his wife! 
There are also Premiership footballers who have cheated numerous times (lookin' at you Ashley Cole, John Terry- who is a despicable human being in general imo, Wayne Rooney) and their careers are still going strong. 
I was talking about this with my boyfriend and he rightly said 'but their personal lives shouldn't affect their careers. They are good footballers at the end of the day'. 

If that is the case for Premiership footballers, then why do successful women in the public eye suffer a lot more? You can judge Kristen's acting, but there is no denying she is successful. 

I think that 'slut-shaming' has become a slightly over-used term, but there are certainly points to ponder over.

What do you think? I for one am still a bit overwhelmed by its sudden surge on the internet, it can appear extremely defensive, but it is definitely interesting.

Thanks for reading x

image not mine - from The Sun (via Google)

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Weekly Summary #30

Day One of work experience, Malteaser tart after lunch, Reece instagramming his burrito,
Taco Bell lovin', Purchases, Lunch with Lydia,
Night in, OOTD, CV,
Finally got around to starting this - I'm a fan, Going home, Rude not to,
Midnight purchase, Window shopping, Dog nicked the ice cream tub,
Night out, Doggy cuddles, NEW BOOTS ARRIVED! (H&M)

  1. Yet again: long time, no speak. However, this time it was not due to laziness; my laptop went and decided to break - highly inconvenient as it disrupted my work experience placement - but it is all fixed now!
  2. Saying that, I managed one day of work experience! It is a lovely little place to work, I'm enjoying it a lot. I haven't really stuck my teeth into it yet, but I'm back tomorrow for a few days, so we'll see how it goes! I'll definitely do a post after this week to let you know how it went!
  3. Due to the lack of laptop and lack of work experience, my boyfriend came to stay the night. I went home on Monday evening as I had a driving test on Tuesday (failed, but nevermind). I met Reece on the train to Leeds as we went to pay off his tattoo. We then hopped on another train to Manchester. We spent most of the time eating - Yo! Sushi, Taco Bell and a takeaway in the space of 24 hours - and shopping. He is such an enabler it's ridiculous. I had a lovely time showing him a few of my favourite places, I'm sure there'll be plenty more of that to come.
  4. Lydia also came back to Manchester for a couple of days so we had lunch at Bella Italia. It's so nice when she comes back, it feels so much more like home with Lydia around, she truly is one of my best friends. I can't wait till we're all back in the house together, although a third Fresher's Week doesn't seem a joyous prospect I must say.
  5. Last night I went out with my work friends to celebrate a few people leaving (sob). A couple are going off to start uni, and one left to go to another (better) job. It was bittersweet, but still lovely; especially after a horrible shift at work.
So there we go, another busy, eventful week. I spent the rest of the evening watching X Factor and My Sister's Keeper with Lauren. It's great to be back in Manchester.
Tomorrow I'm back at Comma and then home on Wednesday to attend a memorial service for the lovely teacher who sadly passed away a couple of months ago. A visit to Reece will be squeezed in at some point too. 

More posts are coming! Including a University Experience post (as they seem to be the most popular) and a post all about my first 'proper' week at my work experience placement.

Thank you all for reading, it is truly appreciated, you lovely lot :) xxx

Friday, 7 September 2012

Unplanned Hiatus Explained

So I said in my last post that I would be back in the blogging game this week, and (yet again) it hasn't happened. However this is due to my laptop breaking, on my first day of work experience too. My placement depends upon me having my own laptop to work from so, to put it bluntly, it has all been a bit of a ball ache! I had to miss my second day at work experience, but instead got a surprise visit and sleepover with my boyfriend, which was much needed and very lovely.

Anyway, I brought my laptop home to be fixed, collected it today, and it still isn't fixed. So dad and I are frog-marching back to the shop to see what can be done as I need a laptop for Monday morning. Coping without the internet has been a bit of a struggle, especially for a girl who is practically superglued to her laptop!

This week has all gone a bit higgeldy piggeldy, but I shall blog on Sunday if I can, if not, I shall see you on the flip side, my lovely readers.

Bye for now, and thanks for reading x

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Weekly Summary #29

Outfit, Arthur, Henry Snuggles,
Cheeky Arthur, Jam tart, Reece was a cute child,
Treated us to pizza and chips, To-do listing my life away, Closer,
Starey dog, Aesthetic arrived! - post to come, Bagged a boyfriend,
Hangover train to Manc, Red velvet hangover cure, Crossroads is still an ace film,
More red velvet, Poached eggs love, Fall Out Boy = car soundtrack

  1. An eventful and busy week! I am blogging to you from my bedroom in Manchester. I moved the rest of my stuff in tonight! I'm so happy to be back, it truly feels like home here!
  2. As you can see, I am not longer a single lady (sorry Beyonce). I'm extremely happy and completely smitten. It is a bit rubbish that I will now be in Manchester most of the time, whilst Reece in back in Yorkshire, but he's coming to stay in just over a week, so all is not lost!
  3. I start work experience tomorrow! I will be working at an independent book publishers situated in the Northern Quarter, I went for a wander to find it the other day, and it is situated almost directly behind my favourite cafe (which happens to sell that red velvet cake - oh dear) so I predict I shall be getting a bit tubbier! I cannot wait to start and see what this new experience brings; I have been continuously emailing the lovely people who work there and they have been extremely accommodating - I can't wait!
  4. One downside is my laptop is breaking; the charger connection is a bit loose, and I have to take my laptop to work experience so it may all go a bit Only Fools and Horses. I think I'll take it home with me and try to get it fixed as soon as possible!
  5. Aesthetic Magazine arrived! I am so impressed with the final product, Michelle and all the other contributors have worked incredibly hard and it shows. It is a tremendous little magazine and I am ridiculously proud to have been able to contribute. I adore the way my article turned out, (I wrote the book review, if any of you ladies have read it).
So there we go, a very busy week indeed. I think I may have my blogging mojo back - I have ideas for a couple of posts; there will definitely be a few work experience posts, and a full post dedicated to Aesthetic.

I hope all of your weeks have been equally as lovely as mine,

Talk soon and thank you for reading x

Saturday, 1 September 2012


Jumper, Boots - both H&M, JeansScarf - both Topshop, Bag - Vero Moda, Moby Dick Journal

Thank God it's September! September means back to uni (or school etc) and that autumn is approaching. Autumn and winter my favourite seasons by far, I'm just not made for warm weather at all - not that this summer has even been particularly warm!

I've picked out a few things that I would wear for a typical day at uni - ok, so I may have cheated and already bought a few of these things (the boots, bag and nail varnish) but I definitely need a decent pair of black jeans (I don't own a pair) and few more jumpers in my life. I love jumpers, but that may need to wait until LOAN DAY. 

I saw these boots on Aimee's blog this morning and went on the hunt for them, unfortunately my local H&M is rubbish and doesn't stock shoes; I ordered them online and used a couple of discount codes (from this website) and got them for just under £26 including postage. Completely bargainous - they say that they'll arrive sometime before the 7th of September - are the H&M shipping estimations ever accurate? I've only heard negative things?

The bag is perfect as it is big enough for A4 books and folders, and also fits a laptop in, which is what I bought it for. I start a work experience placement on Monday and have been told to bring a laptop, so I scrawled Ark for this. It's perfect. I'm still on the hunt for a rucksack, but I may be being given one from my boyfriend (yes, I have one of those now - eep!)

Music for August:

I suppose I should get back to packing my life up - I move back to Manchester tomorrow!

Thanks for reading x
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