Sunday, 29 July 2012

On Film: The Dark Knight Rises

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I'm not going to beat about the bush on this one, and I won't give away any of the plot-lines. I went to see The Dark Knight Rises on Friday and was astounded. Simply amazing.

The Dark Knight Rises is amazing - a perfectly fitting ending to Christopher Nolan's adaptations of the comic books. Now I haven't read any of the comic books, but I work with boys who have, and they say that, up until now, the films are pretty faithful to the comic books.

The previous films: Batman Begins and The Dark Knight were both amazing. The Joker was possibly Heath Ledger's best role (my personal favourite was Ten Things I Hate About You but that's not the point). For me, the final installment was no disappointment.

The can never a villain as great as the Joker, however Tom Hardy's Bane was fantastic to watch. A villain whose face is completely disguised by a mask, which even muffled his voice in some parts, who can still come across as pure evil is not an easy feat. Hardy portrayed every single emotion and facial expression purely with his eyes and eyebrows and was completely 100 percent convincing. He stole the show.

The Batman/Bane scenes are brilliant as they are pretty evenly matched in terms of strength and intelligence; it would have been easy to portray Bane as a simple, mindless brute, but he is obviously intelligent and is a brilliant opponent for Batman. The Joker was obviously much more intelligent, and the Scarecrow was nowhere up to scratch as a villain when it came to tackling Batman. 

There are some darkly comedic moments throughout the entire film, along with some wonderful twists and turns which haven't appeared in the previous two films. For me, some aspects of The Dark Knight were predictable, you could foretell the deaths, however, in The Dark Knight Rises there were a few twists which I did not see coming at all.

The ending is slightly cheesy, however it was a completely suitable conclusion. I don't think the trilogy could have ended in any other way - the other alternative would have ruined the film completely.

The film, in my eyes, was perfectly cast; Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman and Gary Oldman all fulfilled their previous roles brilliantly, as to be expected. Anne Hathaway was stunning as Catwoman, showing a perfect amount of vulnerability, and I am ridiculously jealous that I don't look that awesome in a catsuit. Joseph Gordon-Levitt was brilliant too, although I could watch him eat and find it entertaining.

A truly spectacular conclusion to a truly spectacular trilogy. Tom Hardy, marry me.

Weekly Summary #24

No tights! Dog walkin, Dictionary of Thematic Quotations,
Dickhead driver, Woody Allen being a gem, 13 hour shift: DONE,
Avoiding work, Coffee with my favey, Note at work,
Waiting for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, Mexican, Defeated by said Mexican,
Cheeky online order, Purchases, Bukowski for cheap in HMV, Pizza and films with work ladies,
Bought River Island Disco Pant dupes, Night in, Best pal snuggles.

  1. This week has been equal parts crazy and awesome. I have worked myself to the bone, but it was worth it on payday, and Friday was worth it. So worth it.
  2. I stayed out on Monday spontaneously, after a shift at work and a long dog walk with my pooch. Literally shoved anything I could in a bag and ran for a train. I was almost late for work on Tuesday, but it was worth the rush.
  3. The rest of the week, bar Friday, was spent in Ikea. I swear I'm glued to that placed! But I have less hours in the next couple of weeks - more days off = more sleep! I am shattered!
  4. Finally saw The Dark Knight Rises and had the best Mexican food ever on Friday. The Dark Knight Rises is completely epic, Tom Hardy is even fanciable as Bane (hush now, just agree) and Christian Bale is amazing as usual. Anne Hathaway is a complete babe as Catwoman. So jealous of her beauty. The lads at work are of the opinion that isn't as good as its predecessors, however I think it is just as good, although very different. It's more twisty than both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. 
  5. I also may have cheekily bought the Nikes and the Bukowski books. I can't wait to read (and review) them. I haven't written a review in ages!
  6. A note on the Disco Pant dupes from River Island - not as shiny (which I like) and fit like a glove, even if they are a tad long and baggy around the ankles. I expect that though, I'm 5 ft 1 and a size 6. Nothing ever fits my legs properly.
  7. Friday night was spent with the ladies from work, watching the Olympic Opening Ceremony, films, and eating pizza. Well, until the boys gatecrashed. Idiots. This weekend was spent working (what else) and napping like a queen.
  8. I might be going on holiday for a week in May. Maybe. We'll see.
A very busy week, as usual, but a great one nonetheless. This week I'm meeting Lydia to hear all about her holiday, and probably off to Huddersfield again at some point. My poor bank card.

I hope you've all had lovely weeks!

Thanks for reading x

Thursday, 26 July 2012

A Much Needed Catch-Up and Explanation

Completely unrelated photo, but how cute is my doggy?! We went walking.

I promised to post at least once, so that is what I'm going to do. I feel it's time I offered an explanation as to where I've been/why I haven't been posting as regularly. It's nothing drastic or anything like that. I have just been really busy!

A few weeks ago I wasn't feeling myself, I was down and, honestly, felt a bit shit, so I took a break from the internet and took a step back to look after myself a bit more. Then last week I just had no desire to blog, which was fuelled by a complete lack of inspiration. That paired with the fact that I haven't had a day off work since last Thursday (damn you Ikea), I just simply couldn't be bothered.
Safe to say, I am feeling a lot happier now, probably helped by the fact we've had a few sunny days and I've seen more of my friends. They are a fab bunch.

However, this week I have wanted to blog, but simply haven't had the time! Like I said, I haven't had a day off at all this week - I worked a 13 hour shift yesterday - ergo, no time. This is sounding like an extremely lame excuse, but hey ho. I am exhausted - I just spent the last half an hour soaking in the bath and then beautifying myself as some maintenance was greatly required! Hello smooth legs, clean hair, and neat eyebrows, I've missed you. 

Tomorrow is my day off, and I will be spending it with a pretty lovely guy going to see The Dark Knight Rises (FINALLY), eating Mexican food, and doing a bit of shopping, no doubt. I'm then going round to my friend's house where a group of ladies will be watching films and scoffing a ton of junk food. Although, I really must start some dissertation work soon, September is creeping ever closer.

So this is a bit of a pledge, I will be blogging normally soon - hopefully next week. I'm also going adventuring with Lydia again on Tuesday and having a catch-up as she's been in France for a week, I can't wait!

Anyway, I'll shush now. I hope you are all well, and I will speak to you guys soon! 

Thanks for sticking around!

Much love, xxxx

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Weekly Summary #23

Ready to go get my tattoo finished, The finished result! Stuck in Huddersfield,
Colette before phone shopping, Before work, Online window shopping,
Reece is funny, Snoozy dog, Evil dog wants skittles.

  1. Another week and no new blog posts. I don't know what's up with me. I'm all blogged out at the moment, plus I've been working way more hours, so blogging is at the bottom of the pile unfortunately :( I promise to at least try and put a post up this week, probably Wednesday. I think it will be a post about my tattoos, now my back one is complete!
  2. Like I said, I've been working a ton. It's remarkable how exhausting it is to serve hot dogs day-in, day-out. 
  3. I spent a couple of days at my friend's in Huddersfield during the week and had lots of fun watching a lot of Prison Break (which is dead good!) and eating a lot of crappy food.
  4. I also saw my favourite ladies for the first time in what seems like forever on Friday. We went and got Colette her iPhone (ick) and had coffee and chatted and ate pasta. It was fun.
Not much has changed with me, still always working, and when I'm not working I'm sleeping! The only day I have off this week is Friday, which I should be spending in Huddersfield shopping and spending my wage - come at me Nike. 

How are you all? I feel like I haven't spoken for an age! Leave me a comment telling me how you all are!

Thanks for reading, promise to speak soon! xx

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Weekly Summary #22

Walking for the bus in sunny Manchester, Outfit in Manc, Huddersfield train station,
Best film, Funeral outfit - no black allowed, Ladies had a hair cut,
Arthur (who is 2) on his awesome bike, Henry - 6, Arthur riding,
Arthur vs. cake, Story time, Matt Damon being all handsome in Good Will Hunting

  1. I want to start with an apology for not blogging this week. Last week ended badly so I decided to take a step back from the internet and have a week for myself. Lydia texted me on Tuesday asking me to go to Manchester for cocktails as she was back at the house. I met her and Lauren in Font (if you know Manc you know how awesome Font is) and had a few drinks and a giggle.
  2. Like I said, I had the week for myself, I haven't done much apart from lounge around in bed and go to work. I needed to get away from the internet and repair myself as I haven't been feeling too fab for a while now. I'm glad to say that as of now I am feeling much better and much happier than I have in a while!
  3. I met with a good friend this evening for coffee. We chatted and cleared the air about a lot of things. I am so pleased to have him back in my life properly. Everything seems to be falling into place.
  4. The funeral on Thursday was an extremely tough and emotional experience. It was the send off that was deserved for such a fantastic inspirational woman. She will be sorely missed, a fantastic teacher. The church was filled to the brim, and people we queuing outside to get in. That says a lot.
  5. I also saw my wonderful nephews on Thursday. Arthur can't sit still and Henry is so clever. Super proud auntie alert. I adore their little selves.
  6. I'm meeting a new friend on Wednesday, which should be fun. We've been talking for a bit now so it will be nice to finally meet him. Exciting.
I hope you guys don't mind the non-blogging, but like I said, I took a step back from the internet for a while, and feel much better for it. Hopefully I'll get a couple of posts up this week, but I am lacking inspiration.

I hope your weeks have been great, I'm off to catch up on some srs blog reading!

Thanks for reading x

p.s.  Hi! new followers :) thank you, and come say hello, I hope you enjoy xxx

Monday, 9 July 2012

Weekly Summary #21 (on a Monday)

Liverpool, New coat, Short shorts,
Oops, fruits of sale shopping, Scariest part of the trilogy,
Came in the post - make me Margot, Night out on Saturday, Dog vs. Dad

  1. This week has been a complete mixture of ups and downs; the first half was fantastic - I went to Liverpool with one of my best friends (Lydia, I luv ya) and had a brilliant day chatting, catching up, eating and shopping. The second half wasn't the best. Someone I consider a very close friend managed to insult me and has really hurt my feelings, but I'm working on sorting things out. I can't bear a grudge.
  2. I went out on Saturday night with the girls from work; we haven't actually ever had just a girls night before. It was a lot of fun and we all danced our little feet off. I wore my new shoes from River Island (middle photo, £20 in the sale!) and they were comfy, which is also a plus.
  3. As usual I worked a lot, had a good driving lesson and finally booked my driving test. Let's hope it's fourth (shh) time lucky. 
  4. The upcoming week is going to be an odd one. I'm working a lot, as per usual, but I also have a funeral to attend on Thursday. A fabulous teacher from school unexpectedly passed away just over a week ago at the age of 51. She was my head of Sixth Form and a brilliantly inspiring woman. It just goes to show you have to treasure your time and loved ones. It will definitely be an emotional day.
  5. The lovely Natalie gave me a shout out in her 'Share the Love' post here so I just wanted to say thank you :) I love her blog and she is a true sweetheart. Go give her blog a read!
I'm off to go tidy my room before I go on a driving lesson at 3. Hope you're all well!

Also, thank you for all the lovely comments on my previous post, I've really enjoyed replying to them all :)

Thanks for reading x

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Short Hair Is Okay Too.

I've been wanting to make this post for ages after Gemma left a comment saying that there weren't many other short haired bloggers about. It inspired me. So here I am, finally getting around to it. 

It's a post all about hair - short hair - my hair to be specific.
I cut mine off (well a hairdresser did) about 4 years ago now, the summer before I started Sixth Form. I'd thought about doing it for years, and I was sat in the chair and couldn't think of anything else, so it got cut off. I went from shoulder length hair straight to the hair style I have now.

I still love it. Surprisingly only two people (both male might I add) have asked me 'when are you growing it out?' My answer to that is: Not anytime soon. Not drastically anyway. It's simple really; I feel much more comfortable with short hair, it suits my face better, and I get lots of compliments on it - whether it be the cut or the colour.
I love short hair, whether it be super gamine like Mia Farrow, or soft like Carey Mulligan, I seem to gravitate towards ladies with shorter hair. Don't get me wrong, in another life I'd probably adore having long, luscious curly locks, but it just isn't my lot in life. My crop makes me different. It stands out - probably due to the fact my hair is also dyed bright red!

My two favourite 'hairspirations' are Carey Mulligan and Michelle Williams.

I've taken numerous photos of both stunning women to the hairdressers for inspiration, and whilst I can't pull off the above the brow fringe (bangs) I adore the softness and femininity of their hair styles. The one thing I worried about when I chopped my hair off was whether I'd still feel girly. Simple answer? I do. And guys still like it (not that that really matters).

For me, the argument 'short hair makes you look like a boy' is immature and just plain wrong. I've never been insulted because of my hair, nothing springs to mind anyway. I mean how can you look at all the beautiful women who have short hair and argue that they look manly. You can't.

I have flirted with the idea of growing out my hair into a short, jaw-length bob, but I can't bear to part with my cropped hair just yet.

Speaking of which, I should be off to bed as I'm up early for work and then a visit to the hairdressers.

Five of my favourite shorter-haired blogging ladies:

Thanks for reading x

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

What I Wore: Liverpool Part Two - The Purchases

Top - £12.99 Zara sale

I spent most of my money in Zara whilst in Liverpool. I had a look around the Zara when I went to Leeds on Friday and it was like walking into a bomb site. There was just so much stuff. The one in Liverpool was well set out and there was space to walk, plus it wasn't too busy so Lydia and I had plenty of time to peruse. 
I generally wear baggier tops and tighter things on my bottom half, or try to accentuate my waist. I'm 5 ft 1 so it's pretty hard to find things that fit well, especially in Zara, which is more targeted to the taller lady.

Anyway, I like this top, it was a bargain and the back is the same sheer material as the panel on the back. It's quite basic, but different too.

Skirt - £18 (with student discount) - Urban Outfitters sale

The next thing I got was this skirt. I'd seen it in Leeds and loved it, but didn't have time to try it on. I always find the sizing a bit odd in Urban Outfitters so always try everything on before I buy. I love the way this hangs, plus when I picked it up, Lydia said 'I could see you in that', which is always a compliment. It's a nice length and a complete bargain. I can't bring myself to ever buy anything full price in there. Ever.

Coat - £49.99 Zara sale

This was my prize purchase of the day. I picked it up almost immediately, but was unsure of the poofy pockets. It fits like a glove, and the pockets don't make me look like I have gargantuan hips. It was the last one in the shop and Lydia persuaded me to buy it. She's such an enabler. I do love it though; it's a perfect smart coat. I have a duffle coat which makes me feel like Paddington Bear, but it isn't very smart. This is perfect. I adore it. The zip starts halfway up the jacket too, which I really like. It's a lovely shape and will be perfect for when I do my work experience in November, with a scarf wrapped round my neck.

I also bought this underwear set from Ann Summers, but I'm 100% sure it isn't necessary for me to model that.

Have you got any sale purchases?

Thanks for reading x

p.s. apologies for the photography/facial expressions. Argh.

Liverpool Day Trip

My friend and I went to Liverpool yesterday on a bit of a whim. We decided we wanted to go somewhere new and chose Liverpool. Getting up at 7.30am was a bit of a killer though. I got the train to Manchester to meet Lyd and we went from there. It took about 50 minutes from Piccadilly to Liverpool Lime Street, not long at all.

I wore my River Island jacket (which I adore), a skirt from H&M which has cute little hearts all over it, a top from Topshop and my trusty Vans, oh and 'Cubby Cheeks' by Essie's on my nails (which I totally bought because of the name). The train journey was spent starting some dissertation reading.

When we arrived at Lime Street station we headed straight for Lark Lane, after many recommendations, for lunch. We got the train to St Michaels and walked from there. My (serious lack of a) sense of direction took us round the houses a bit - literally, but we got there in the end! 

We chose Moon and Pea for lunch, as the prices were reasonable and it looked gorgeous. I had the tomato and basil soup which was seriously delicious, and Lydia had the veggie antipasti platter. We both ate our weight in bread. It was fab.

We spent the rest of the day doing a bit of shopping (ok a lot of shopping, I have a haulish type post coming up next). First stop was a little shop on the corner of Lark Lane, that I've forgotten the name of. I didn't buy this little guy - £3.75 you must be having a laugh - but look how cute he is! I couldn't resist taking a photo.

We then headed back to the city centre and went around Liverpool One. It was a lovely first visit to Liverpool, I'll definitely visit again and do a bit more of the cultural stuff. Might leave the Tate out though - over a tenner admission? Not a chance.

Edinburgh is next on my list of places to visit. I will see the pandas!
Where do you want to visit?

I'm going to be spending the rest of my afternoon trying to get through to Student Finance. Oh the joys.

Thanks for reading x

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Weekly Summary #20

Tidy room, Baby chair <3, Organised wardrobe,
Finally got it framed!, Lunch, Night in,
Theory revision, Ralph Steadman illustrations in Fear and Loathing, Outfit before work,
Payday treats, Waiting for Colette in H&M, Fruits of my shopping.

  1. This week has been interesting. I haven't done an awful lot really, due to having no money at the end of a five week month. I've been working a lot and writing a bit, trying to get organised.
  2. I got paid yesterday and went shopping. My reasoning was that I passed my theory test (yay!) so I deserved a treat. I didn't spend that much really, I bought a Ralph Steadman Withnail and I print (watch the film, so good) and some underwear, which is an addiction. I am going shopping in Liverpool tomorrow with Lydia, who I haven't seen in about 3 weeks, so I am excited! I may do a small haul post, I can't spend too much as I have to pay to get my tattoo finished in two weeks.
  3. I also wrote my first piece for Aesthetic Magazine, which I blogged about here. I cannot wait for the first issue to be finished, I know that all the copy is being read through and edited so it hopefully shouldn't be too long until it's ready!
  4. Like I said, not much has happened this week; Colette came home from uni for the summer, and also bought her first car, which she's picking up on Thursday so that will be fun! I booked my driving test, which I am terrified about, but I think I'm ready. We shall see.
If any of you know of any good places to go in Liverpool, let me know! I've never been before!

Hope you all had nice weeks,

Thanks for reading x
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