Sunday, 4 March 2012

Weekly Summary #3

Cheese scones Lyd and I made to go with our soup, To do list in my diary (now much longer, sob),
My outfit from Wednesday for uni, Standing on the train home (avec Rose's birthday pressie!!!)

  1. Well, this week has been manic in many ways. On Wednesday we went into uni to the Options Fair to help decide on our modules for next year, which was completely daunting, but also really exciting. There were loads and loads of brilliant modules, but we could only choose two per term. I've chosen: Representing the Holocaust; Beat Sound, Beat Vision; American Poetics and British Novel: Modernisms/Postmodernisms. I cannot wait to start next year as the modules are amazing but it is my last year at uni (CRY) which I am not ready for. At all. I just want to stay here forever (well not forever).
  2. It's my best friend's 21st in a couple of weeks so I popped into Pandora and bought her a lovely treat which I think (hope!) she will love. 
  3. I also spent a lot of time applying for jobs this week that will help after I've graduated. I want to go into Publishing, which basically requires applicants to have work experience. I have had two replies about jobs; one as a film reviewer and one from a magazine who is opening an office in Manchester, who said they found my application very interesting and invited me to a group meeting and to 'become part of their [our] team'. SO EXCITING. I've also got a work experience placement sorted for over the Easter break at a local newspaper back home, which I'm really happy about.
  4. I don't think I've mentioned it on here before, but I applied (and got accepted) to teach English at a school in Thailand. However, it would cost an arm and a leg (seriously, over £1200) and after being invited to meet with the magazine people, I have decided to drop out. That means I may lose my £250 deposit, but in the long run it is worth it. I am absolutely gutted, but I would have been away for six weeks and would be absolutely skint until I came back, so I've been grown up and chosen to kick-start (cringe) my career. Hopefully, anyway. I plan on travelling around Europe after uni to sort of make up for it.
  5. Oh, also, remember that friend of mine who invited me out for drinks a few weeks ago? Yeah, the drinks didn't happen, but he has invited me over this coming weekend, saying he'll cook for me (!!!!!!!!!!). I am very dubious as to whether it will actually happen, as I've found he's pretty flaky. I'll keep you posted!
I've had a pretty busy week and have finally put myself on a track towards my career and have been pretty motivated! It's just a shame the motivation didn't reach as far as my university work. I have an essay plan due in tomorrow and am currently struggling to get the majority of the reading done. So bad. BUT due to the fact that I  will be saving a ton of money by not going to Thailand, I am going shopping Tuesday to get a few pieces of clothing and I really want to try and get myself some new glasses ASAP!

I've rambled on for far too long as usual. How were your weeks?

Thanks for reading! x

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