Monday, 12 March 2012

Weekly Summary #4

  1. Not much has happened in the past week really, but it feels like it has been really busy and rushed. I had a piece of work due in on Monday, which I wrote in an hour (naughty), but ended up getting 67% for it so I'm not complaining one bit.
  2. I've been whinging all week due to being struck down with a cold on Tuesday. So much so that I went home on Thursday evening so I could enjoy some home comforts (read constant central heating).
  3. I also ordered some new glasses on Friday, and get to pick them up this Friday. I'm ridiculously excited, they are beautiful.
  4. Remember the guy that offered to cook me tea at his and watch films? Well the cooking part didn't happen, but the films part did. It was nice to see him again, just a shame he's being ignorant and not replying to my text. Writing that one off as a bad job.
  5. I'm waiting to hear back from my work experience placement about times/dates, but everything is going well so far. It's exciting. Scary, but exciting.
Like I said, nothing exciting really. I finish uni in two weeks, and have an assignment due in so there's going to be a few library sessions ahead. I'm definitely ready for Easter though.
As for now, I'm going to cook some tea and spend the night on the sofa.

How were your weeks?

Thanks for reading x

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