Sunday, 22 April 2012

Weekly Summary #10

Trip to Frankie and Benny's with Rose, New dress/jacket/Converse
New Converse (again), Best yoghurt,
Cheapest, nicest Beef Burrito from Font, my face avoiding essay writing

  1. This week has been manic as usual. I came back to Manchester on Sunday night with Abbey and stayed until Wednesday. I wrote an essay in less than a day. I think it may possibly be the worst thing I've ever written and I forgot to put a bibliography on it, but it's done now at least.
  2. I finally finished Wicked! I've bought so many books recently, I can't wait until April 30th when I have no more work to do. I can read for my dissertation and read all the books. I may do a post about what I've bought.
  3. I went shopping with my loan, Lydia and a very hungover Abbey on Wednesday. I didn't spend too much and bought quite a few lovely things. I also bought a few books and ordered a couple of things from Asos too. I'll do a post showing what soon. I want to do an OOTD style post soon, but I haven't got any spare time at the minute! It's absolutely crazy. When I'm not in Manchester essay writing, I'm at Ikea working or having meetings with the magazine team. It's definitely been a busy month.
  4. This week also saw me having a minor emotional break down. The stress got to me and I cried all over my dad and sister. I went out with Rose and then met with Abbey and chatted until the wee hours. I'm still a stressy mess at the minute, but hopefully it will subside once all my work is done!
  5. Also, you may have noticed the new layout! It's all down to Lauren at noirnouvelle. She sells her designs, and I saw she'd posted that she was taking her current ones out of her shop, so I checked them out and fell in love with this one. The pricing is reasonable and Lauren was lovely, helping me with any problems I had. I'm really happy with it! (I made the background myself on Gimp, using this tutorial. Surprisingly simple!)
How have your weeks been? Hopefully they've been less stressful than mine! I'll try and blog this week, but posts may be a bit sparse until the 30th.

Thanks for reading x 


  1. I love that Onken yoghurt - it is SO delicious! Their apple and mango one is lovely too!

  2. It is! It's my absolute favourite :) x

  3. the food looks delicious! xx


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