Monday, 30 April 2012

Weekly Summary #11 (on a Monday)

Before a meeting, Best shoes ever, Sunset on the way back from York,
Going out with Abbey, Abbey's birthday night out, Pretty nails,
Lovely Didsbury, Evening in, Purchase for Dad

  1. This week, as always has been manic! It marked the beginning of my last week of university for the year so it's been a week of final deadlines. I handed in a rushed essay last week and got a crappy mark. It passed, but it wasn't what I wanted. It hopefully won't drag my mark down too much.
  2. I had yet another magazine meeting. I've been way too busy to do any actual work as of yet, but I'm going to get stuck right into it in the next coming weeks, which is exciting!
  3. It is Abbey's 19th birthday today and we went into Leeds on Saturday which was fun, as always. Lydia was out with her friends so we all met up and had a ton of fun. We ended up in a club called Bed. I don't recommend it. It was full of boys who stank of fake tan who kept taking their tops off. Ick.
  4. The weather (yes I'm going there) has been AWFUL hasn't it!? Unluckily I've had to go out a lot too so I've been caught in it. Fun. 
  5. I finally have the primary books for my dissertation research. I'm having a couple of weeks off from uni work but am going to get stuck right in with reading soon, because I'm so excited about it.
  6. My week has been pretty boring, but busy. Right now I am going to hand in my FINAL PIECES of uni work for the year. It's a bit daunting; it's ok, but not my best work. Too much work, not enough uni work over the past few weeks I think.
  7. Less uni does mean more blogging, so if I flood your blog feeds, I apologise ;)
Hope your weeks have been fun!
Thanks for reading x


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