Saturday, 12 May 2012

Weekly Summary #13

Visited the nephews, Arthur, favourite poem from my A-Level anthology,
Tattoo appointments booked! reading material, interesting article in Grazia (see previous post)
Lunch, outfit featuring short shorts, an article I wrote for the paper!
New watch, me and Scrawny bunny, Scrawns who is being given away today :'(
Chocolate fudge cake and prawns at the pub, new book .

  1. This week has been an exciting, but tiring and stressful one. The launch date for the magazine is creeping ever closer, and I haven't actually started writing anything yet (eek!) But I've had a good couple of ideas to get started with, so plenty of emails have been sent. I'm starting my first blog post on Monday! It's all really exciting.
  2. Sticking with work experience stuff, I started working at on Tuesday. I work Tuesday and Wednesdays 9-1 and help with content creation and editing. It's my first time having any experience in editing so I'm slightly out of my depth, but the editor-in-chief is lovely and helps me with any queries. It's a slightly bizarre experience as we communicate purely via email, as she is in Romania. It's great though. I'm really enjoying having the opportunity to write. 
  3. I'll also be working on another magazine with Michelle in the coming months. She created a magazine (read it here) as part of a university project, and has decided to take it further. There was a post on the magazine's blog asking for people to collaborate. I will be writing about books (yay!), doing reviews around certain themes etc. I think the first theme may be 'Cult Classics', using Trainspotting and 1984 as examples. I need more books along this sort of theme to read, so if you have any suggestions please share! I'm really excited to be a part of Aesthetic, as I've read Michelle's blog for years and love it. The magazine is fantastic too.
  4. I have my first driving lesson in almost a year on Monday afternoon. I have failed three tests. I love driving, but put me in the test situation and the nerves kill me. We'll see how it goes I guess.
  5. I've started making plans for over Summer this week. I was talking with Abbey about visiting Scotland as I've never been and really want to visit Edinburgh Zoo and see the pandas (ARGH). She wants to revisit her Grandad's old house, which isn't far from Edinburgh so we're planning a trip there. I also want to visit Durham, Liverpool and Copenhagen. I think I've grown out of beach holidays, although I wouldn't say no to a week off in the sun relaxing, so I want to explore different places. I've also booked my tattoo sessions in, so my upper back will be lovely and decorated by the end of July. I have my first session in just over two weeks and still haven't found a way of telling my mum yet, oops.
How have your weeks been? I have some posts planned out for this week, any feedback on what you would like to see more of would be helpful! :)

Thanks for reading x


  1. Busy busy week! haha. Definitely go to Scotland, Ediburgh is my favourite city and I visit regularly since it's just an hour and a half away from me, although I haven't seen the pandas yet (: Makes me want to plan my summer, although I'm currently planning on going to Berlin and maybe a trip to Cornwall to visit my friend so it's not looking too shabby! Pleased to see you're going to contribute to Aesthetic, the first issue was amazing (: x

    1. haha yeah! I'm really excited to visit, I've never been to Scotland before! Let me know of any good places to visit near by as we're going for a few days! Any help would be great :D Berlin is amazing, I went in February and it is my favourite city I've visited. xxx

  2. This is so cool! I love the theme of cult classics. Lolita is my favourite book of all time, & definitely a cult read! Yesss to Scotland. Edinburgh is laaaavley, you'll have a great time xxx

    1. aaaah! Thank you! I'd have never thought of Lolita! Any suggestions of where to visit? I can't wait to go! xxx


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