Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Wardrobe Organisation

After reading this post on The Average Brunette (seriously gorgeous blog) I was inspired to show you guys how I organise my wardrobe. Especially as I had just finished cleaning and sorting out my room from top to bottom.

I share my room with my twin sister, so we don't have a lot of wardrobe space. We have three wardrobes - one each and then one for coats/jackets to share.

This is my wardrobe. I can fit quite a lot of stuff in quite a narrow space. The top rail houses any dresses, tops and nice jackets that I don't want to get creased. Underneath the rail I have four baskets which slide in and out. The wardrobes, drawers, rail and separators are all from Ikea.

I have hooks on the door which I hang my scarves/jewellery on. I don't own much so the door still shuts comfortably.

The top drawer holds all of my beauty stuff - make up etc. The front box doesn't really belong in there, it's from my house at uni, but it fits in there quite nicely for the time being, until I move back to Manchester in September. Behind that is a box which holds nail polishes and my daily make up bag. Behind that, in the two smaller boxes, there are little personal nick nacks that won't fit anywhere else in my room. Things like old gig tickets etc. To the right of the basket is my skin care bag (at the front) and a bag which holds the rest of my make up I don't wear as often. I don't own a lot of make up/skin care. The little separators are really handy and help keep everything organised - really cheap too.

The next three drawers are all full of clothing. This is just one, which holds my tops and skirts. The one beneath that holds trousers and shorts, and the one below that has my underwear in it.

It's a bit of a squeeze in there, but everything (just about) fits, and when I keep it organised, everything is easy to find. I'm pretty happy with it.
I store my shoes in a row under my bed. I'm not a shoe girl, so don't own many.

I now must stop procrastinating and get reading for something I'm working on for Aesthetic Magazine!

Thanks for reading x


  1. Aw I share a walk in wardrobe with my twin sister and we still dont have enough room for all our clothes, I feel your pain haha

    hope you get it all sorted :)


    1. It's a bit of a squeeze but it works for us :) xx

  2. How organized you are! *peeks at horribly untidy bedroom*

    1. Ha I get a burst of energy and a need to organise every so often, I doesn't last for long! xx

  3. Thanks for showing readers how well you organise your wardrobe. It seems you have a lot of things there, why not get another bedroom wardrobe? Just a thought. :)


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