Sunday, 3 June 2012

Weekly Summary #16

new purchases: Barthes 'A Lover's Discourse' and The Science of Sleep, sunburny legs :(
Pub quiz after a Nandos on Tuesday, Lunch at Teacup on Thomas St, Smoked chicken soup,
CAKE, Red Velvet cake (that we couldn't finish), New Rilo Kiley print,
The National print for Lydia's birthday present all framed and pretty, Tattoo half finished, Waiting for the train home

  1. This week has been ridiculously fun! I spend Tuesday catching up with and old friend with a picnic (resulting in the sunburn). It was lovely to catch up with her as I haven't seen her properly in a few months. I've also made plans to get together with my best male friend from school in a few days as we keep missing each other, which is silly considering we live about 20 minutes away from each other.
  2. I also saw Moonrise Kingdom (review here). Recommend me your favourite Wes Anderson film? Have you seen it, what did you think?
  3. I spent Thursday with Abbey in Manchester. We went to tidy and clean up her flat so she can just nip back and collect her stuff next time we go. It only took us and hour between us to completely upend the kitchen (think pulling every compartment out of the fridge and scrubbing the oven), whilst simultaneously dancing and singing along to the music channel on the tv. We then went shopping for my housemates' birthday gifts and had lunch. We went to Teacup on Thomas St. in the Northern Quarter, which I've been wanting to visit for a while. It was delicious, and not too expensive either. We were defeated by the yummy red velvet cake though. We then went to the gallery next door, where I found a couple of prints - one for me and one for Lydia's gift (which she loves!)
  4. On Friday I got my back tattoo started, and blogged about it here. It's only half finished at the moment, with colour still to be added in a few weeks, but do let me know what you think! Are you pro/against tattoos?
  5. Yesterday I went back to Manchester to celebrate Lydia's birthday. It was a brilliant night, with all of her friends from home. We went to 42nd Street (as always) and danced our feet off. It was great to be back again, I miss it and can't even contemplate the fact I have one year left as a student :( This afternoon a few of us went for a Nandos (second this week, and I didn't pay, it was great), and then headed home. I caught a ridiculously packed train which went the long way home. Not amused. 
Tonight I think I'll stay in bed with books and films having a late night as I get a lie in tomorrow! 
I hope your weekends have been as lovely as mine :) Happy Sunday!

Thanks for reading x

p.s. Oh, if anyone knows of a cheap place that sells custom sized frames could you drop me a comment and let me know? That Rilo Kiley print is proving awkward to frame!

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