Sunday, 24 June 2012

Weekly Summary #19

Coffee with Abbey, Lunch, Joliebox from Meg's giveaway came!
Dropping James off in Sheffield, Tess staring at me, Eurgh,
Face, Birdies, Midnight snack and Steve Zissou

  1. This is going to be short because I haven't done much this week as it has, quite frankly, been shit. Wednesday was a nice day - it was sunny and I relaxed all day, but other than that is hasn't been my week.
  2. My friends have been brilliant this week, cheering me up. Abbey and I went to Manchester on Thursday to empty her flat and also ended up cleaning my kitchen and living room top to bottom.
  3. Rose picked me up on Friday after I had a minor melt down (drama) at work and came home early and we drove her friend home to Sheffield. It took over 2 hours. For a usually 1 1/2 hour round trip. The traffic was mad, but it gave us plenty of time to chat. She's fantastic.
  4. This upcoming week I'm finishing reading books for copy for Aesthetic Magazine and starting dissertation reading (oh hai Sylvia Plath). I get paid on Friday (YAAAAY) which means I can buy my reading lists for uni. I love buying books, and the modules I'm taking next year sound fantastic. Next step: stationery shopping.
I hope you have all been having lovely weeks! and that the weather picks up a bit!

Thanks for reading x

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