Sunday, 22 July 2012

Weekly Summary #23

Ready to go get my tattoo finished, The finished result! Stuck in Huddersfield,
Colette before phone shopping, Before work, Online window shopping,
Reece is funny, Snoozy dog, Evil dog wants skittles.

  1. Another week and no new blog posts. I don't know what's up with me. I'm all blogged out at the moment, plus I've been working way more hours, so blogging is at the bottom of the pile unfortunately :( I promise to at least try and put a post up this week, probably Wednesday. I think it will be a post about my tattoos, now my back one is complete!
  2. Like I said, I've been working a ton. It's remarkable how exhausting it is to serve hot dogs day-in, day-out. 
  3. I spent a couple of days at my friend's in Huddersfield during the week and had lots of fun watching a lot of Prison Break (which is dead good!) and eating a lot of crappy food.
  4. I also saw my favourite ladies for the first time in what seems like forever on Friday. We went and got Colette her iPhone (ick) and had coffee and chatted and ate pasta. It was fun.
Not much has changed with me, still always working, and when I'm not working I'm sleeping! The only day I have off this week is Friday, which I should be spending in Huddersfield shopping and spending my wage - come at me Nike. 

How are you all? I feel like I haven't spoken for an age! Leave me a comment telling me how you all are!

Thanks for reading, promise to speak soon! xx


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