Sunday, 29 July 2012

Weekly Summary #24

No tights! Dog walkin, Dictionary of Thematic Quotations,
Dickhead driver, Woody Allen being a gem, 13 hour shift: DONE,
Avoiding work, Coffee with my favey, Note at work,
Waiting for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, Mexican, Defeated by said Mexican,
Cheeky online order, Purchases, Bukowski for cheap in HMV, Pizza and films with work ladies,
Bought River Island Disco Pant dupes, Night in, Best pal snuggles.

  1. This week has been equal parts crazy and awesome. I have worked myself to the bone, but it was worth it on payday, and Friday was worth it. So worth it.
  2. I stayed out on Monday spontaneously, after a shift at work and a long dog walk with my pooch. Literally shoved anything I could in a bag and ran for a train. I was almost late for work on Tuesday, but it was worth the rush.
  3. The rest of the week, bar Friday, was spent in Ikea. I swear I'm glued to that placed! But I have less hours in the next couple of weeks - more days off = more sleep! I am shattered!
  4. Finally saw The Dark Knight Rises and had the best Mexican food ever on Friday. The Dark Knight Rises is completely epic, Tom Hardy is even fanciable as Bane (hush now, just agree) and Christian Bale is amazing as usual. Anne Hathaway is a complete babe as Catwoman. So jealous of her beauty. The lads at work are of the opinion that isn't as good as its predecessors, however I think it is just as good, although very different. It's more twisty than both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. 
  5. I also may have cheekily bought the Nikes and the Bukowski books. I can't wait to read (and review) them. I haven't written a review in ages!
  6. A note on the Disco Pant dupes from River Island - not as shiny (which I like) and fit like a glove, even if they are a tad long and baggy around the ankles. I expect that though, I'm 5 ft 1 and a size 6. Nothing ever fits my legs properly.
  7. Friday night was spent with the ladies from work, watching the Olympic Opening Ceremony, films, and eating pizza. Well, until the boys gatecrashed. Idiots. This weekend was spent working (what else) and napping like a queen.
  8. I might be going on holiday for a week in May. Maybe. We'll see.
A very busy week, as usual, but a great one nonetheless. This week I'm meeting Lydia to hear all about her holiday, and probably off to Huddersfield again at some point. My poor bank card.

I hope you've all had lovely weeks!

Thanks for reading x

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