Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Autumn Wardrobe

Autumn Wardrobe

This is what I'll be wearing throughout Autumn. I chosen items I already own, or alternatives if they're not available online (damn you Primark). I dress pretty simply - a dress with tights, or tops/jumpers with jeans or a skirt (usually a H&M black bandage skirt) with very minimal accessories. It is very rare that you'll see me in a necklace, my watch is all I wear.

My footwear is pretty much a split between trainers and boots at the minute. I own 9 pairs of trainers (much to my sister and housemate's horror!) and 4 pairs of boots and pretty much live in them.
A decent bag is an essential; my parents bought me a black Cambridge Satchel Company satchel for my birthday last year and I still adore it.

Primark has some lovely jumpers in at the minute - starting at £8; this New Look one is a gorgeous alternative). This Topshop snood is ridiculously overpriced, I got one in a similar colour from Primark's mens section for a fiver. Seriously Topshop, what are you doing.

Lastly, I'll definitely be attempting a darker lip colour. After recently dying my hair a darker colour I've found wearing berry tones a lot easier as they don't clash like they did with my red hair.

What are your picks for Autumn?

Thanks for reading x

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