Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Birthday Bits and Pieces

It was my 21st birthday on the 1st October, and I thought I would show the things I was gifted, and the things I bought with money I received. Just a note to say - I'm not bragging, I am very aware I was very lucky and appreciate everything I received.

My sister (I'm a twin) and I bought each other watches this year; I was toying with asking my parents for a Michael Kors watch, but mum wasn't keen on the idea, as apparently there's an old wives tale that says buying a watch means you're saying goodbye to someone, I don't know.
Anyway, Colette lives in York for uni, and lives near a Fossil outlet. She bought me this absolutely gorgeous stainless steel Fossil watch, and silver feather ring and bracelet. I adore feathers, I was overjoyed with this set. I haven't taken the ring or watch off. I'm a bit more wary about wearing the bracelet as I have the wrists of a toddler, so I haven't had the courage yet. 

These Nike SB Stefan Janoskis were from Reece. He was asking me for weeks what I wanted and I just couldn't decide, I'm rubbish to buy for. I knew I wanted some trainers, and initially looked at some grey New Balances, but every pair I wanted was sold out in my size. Then I saw these. The bottom sole is the same minty green as the swoosh, they are beautiful and so comfortable. He got them from the Nike website - they're still available here; I literally saw they were in my size and he bought them instantaneously. Being a size 4 is tough sometimes.
Reece also bought me The XX's new album Coexist which is stunning. I forgot to photograph it though. 

I bought these New Balance 410s after seeing them on Meg's blog in this post. My grandma, cousin and auntie all gifted me some money, and these are what I chose. I got them from this ebay seller, brand new. The colour is stunning, and considering I mainly wear grey/black/white I get a considerable amount of wear out of them. They do come up a bit small though, so if you're looking into buying New Balances, I'd suggest going half a size up.
I really want a pair of grey 420s now. Maybe for Christmas.

My best friends bought me a cafetiere and Starbucks caramel sauce as I am obsessed with Caramel Macchiatos. They also bought me some coffee which has a hint of butter toffee in it as is delicious. They also bought me a little charm for my Lovelinks bracelet, which I haven't photographed as I am terrified of dropping it and losing it as I haven't put it on my bracelet yet.

The perfume is Stella by Stella McCartney - a scent I have wanted for months - and was bought with money gifted to me by my elder sister. It is a gorgeous scent and last for ages on my skin. I can spray it at midday one day, forget to spray it the day after and I can still smell it. Amazing. My parents also gave me some money so I bought a few bits and pieces I had been after for a while. The laptop case was one of them - a complete bargain from ebay (again). You can get it from this seller.  

These last bits were bought with the money from my parents. The jeans are these grey BDG ones from Urban Outfitters, the dress is from Vila, via USC, and the boots were £30 in the Office sale. A complete bargain. 
I have also ordered this coat from Asos and cannot wait until it arrives!

So, that is everything! I'm very grateful for everything I received, and think that I have been quite careful with my spending, as most of the items were sale buys or had considerable discount. I'm very happy with everything!

Thank you for reading :) x


  1. I adore the Fossil watch and jewllery, the feather design is really unsual. I like the idea of a matching ring and bracelet too xxx

    1. Thank you:) I love them! My sister has the best taste xxx


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