Sunday, 14 October 2012

Weekly Summary #35

Ootd feat. Nike Janoskis, Ootd feat. New Balance 410s, Starbucks boy was a sweetheart,
Cheeky mid-week sale purchase, Post is good, Ootd for Jonny Craig,
Jonny Craig, Late night purchase, This happened - bye bye red.

  1. This week has been a hard one. I'm not going into details but the latter end of this week has been horrendous.
  2. I also spent quite a bit of money this week - justification: birthday money, but I am definitely on a spending ban now, especially as I really don't need anything else! I'm waiting on the jacket in the post and then that is it!
  3. I spent Thursday and Friday with Reece, after the bad news I received a cuddle and a shoulder to cry on was definitely needed. We went to go see Jonny Craig at Leeds Met Uni Bar. To be honest, he wasn't half as good as I was expecting. His voice is brilliant, but he was pissed off his head and came across as a bit of an arse. The vocals were great though!
  4. I dyed my hair (semi-permanent) brown last night. It's definitely a change, I do quite like it though. It initially came out way too dark so I washed it twice with fairy liquid and it stripped some of the colour out, leaving a reddy-brown, which I do quite like. However, I doubt I'll be keeping it.
  5. I have a couple of posts planned for this week - now I finally have everything from my birthday purchases I'll be doing that soonish. It's definitely not in anyway bragging, I've been lucky (and a bit of a bargain hunter) with my birthday money this year. Mid-season sales are my friends.
I hope your weeks have been better than mine! 
Thanks for reading x


  1. We must be twins because I recently dyed my hair from red to brown. My hair was bright red for 5 whole years, but change is good! :) you'll have to tell me how your ended up though because red is the hardest color to get rid of and there is always a red tint left. it'll fade even more after you continue to dye it brown, but the process itself is annoying.
    anyway, love your blog! :)

    xo, samantha

    1. haha, we must be although I already have a twin ;). Mine is pretty dark, but you can still see the red through it. I reckon once this washed out I'll be going back to red, I just can't seem to get used to this colour, even though I do like it! I know what you mean about red though, I reckon if I do decide to ever get rid I'll just grow it out.

      Thank you lovely :) xxx

  2. that jacket is wicked, excellent impulse buy! hope you feel better, glad i just refound your blog :) x

    1. it is gorgeous! But I think it may be going back as I've just found my perfect winter coat, so I can't have both! And thank you sweet :) I still love yours! xxx


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