Sunday, 16 December 2012

Weekly Summaries 43 and 44 (Bumper Edition)

Cute wrapping for Reece, Sleepy dog, Festive student house,
Essay work, Rain City Forbes, Tattoo Stencil on,
Finished product, BEST COFFEE CAKE, More essay work

OOTN for a house party, Essay woes, Fuel,
More essay woes, Dominos, Gift from Mum,
Lazy girls, Late night drive with the little monster, Re-reading the Hobbit and my new playbook :D

  1. So sorry for the lack of post last weekend! But the past couple of weeks have been my final two weeks of the term, so lots of deadlines and revision and essay writing!
  2. Not much has gone on really; it's all been revision and essays. I got tattooed again and also went to my friend's house party with Lydia, Charlotte and Bobby (promised I'd mention you ;D), and then to the film society Christmas meal which was really nice.
  3. I came home for the holidays on Friday, worked this weekend and saw Reece for the first time in a fortnight tonight, which was lovely. 
  4. Every year Ikea gives each of its coworkers a (very generous) Christmas present. This year they gave us a Blackberry Playbook. I set mine up last night and it is amazing. So impressed with it. It isn't too great on the app front, but I plan on using mine for storing all of my dissertation research on it. I find whenever I try and use my laptop for research it takes twice as long due to 'Tumblr breaks'. So this should hopefully work, as flipping between screens isn't as easy on the playbook. So excited.
  5. I have almost a month off from uni, with an essay to write, but I also started my MoonProject internship on Friday. I haven't done too much as yet, but I can tell it's going to be a great experience.
  6. We bought out Christmas tree today, and Colette and I are decorating it tomorrow, so we can finally put gifts under it! Can't wait!
I think that's basically everything! Thank you all for sticking around, and I promise to try and post more. Posts will be more sporadic between now and April, as dissertation work is really picking up :'(

Thanks for reading! xxx


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