Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Tasty Treats #1 Choc Chip Scones!

I've decided to do something slightly different and post recipes that are cheap, quick and easy. Being a student, I often don't have the energy (read: can't be bothered) to spend hours cooking. I do enjoy cooking, and would prefer to spend a bit longer making something from scratch than eat something out of a packet. So I thought I'd share some recipes I enjoy, and show that there's no need to be a 'supernoodle student'.

First up: SCONES. The ones I made are chocolate chip, but you can swap the chocolate chips for dried fruit, cherries... anything you want.

What you will need:
8oz of self raising flour
2oz of butter/margarine
1oz of caster sugar
150ml of milk
a pinch of salt (not shown)
Any filling that you want

1. The first thing to do is put the flour, salt and butter into a mixing bowl.
Then, use your fingertips to crumb the butter into the flour and salt mix. You should end up with something looking like this:

2. Next, add the chocolate chips (or whatever you choose), milk and sugar and mix together to create a soft dough. The dough can go a bit sticky, if it does just add a touch more flour, or if it is too dry, add a drop more milk. I'm sure you could whizz all this up in a food processor, but I prefer to go it old school (because I don't have a food processor). It should end up looking something like this:

3. Flour whatever surface you are working on and pat out the dough into a rough circle about half an inch thick. You could roll it out with a rolling pin if you fancied, but it isn't really necessary. Then cut out the scones using a pastry cutter. If you don't have a pastry cutter (I didn't until yesterday, the shame!) just pull bits of the dough off and roll into balls about the size of a golf ball and flatten slightly. I've found the cutter helps the scones to rise and it makes it easier to cut them in half. Place the scones onto a greased baking sheet and put a little egg wash or milk on the top. This helps make them a lovely golden brown in the oven.

4. The scones take about 10-12 minutes to cook at 220 degrees Celsius. 

They are really yummy, and take about 15 minutes to make the dough. So simple and tasty! 
You can make these scones savoury too, just remove the sugar; I made cheese scones to go with soup for my flatmates and they thought they were delicious!

Let me know what you think of this new feature, and if you try out the recipe.
What are you favourite quick treats to make?

Thanks for reading x


  1. They look delicious! May have to try them one day... I am all for recipe features! Keep 'em up :)



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