Sunday, 1 April 2012

Weekly Summary #7

Absolutely HUGE iced finger, 
Best quesadilla from Chiquitos
Currently reading: Wicked, 
Professional set-up at my work experience.
Slightly scary photo of my hair cut.
  1. This week has been busy. I had my first meeting and started my work experience, which is going really well so far. Everyone in the office has a iMac, but I'm kind of on the reject computer that nobody really uses (I think), hence the fact that the monitor is stacked on two packets of paper. I'm enjoying myself though, and everyone is really friendly. I've been writing a few small articles, I'm not sure if they made it into the paper as I haven't read it yet. I had the super-huge iced finger as part of my lunch on Tuesday, when I was sat in the sun on my dinner break. They are my absolute favourites! Don't my pasty legs compliment it; I always have been, and always will be pale and freckly, not tan to be seen on my skin. I also had a hair cut, and finally go around to dying it. I love my hair when it's freshly dyed and back to bright red.
  2. Friday was pay-day. I went shopping, I think I might do a small 'haul' type post on the few things I bought. I didn't spend too much, but this month is still going to be tight, at least until my student loan comes through as I went out for a friend's birthday last night, and it's my best friend Ryan's birthday next weekend. My bank balance is seriously bruised, but as of next month, due to working more shifts at Ikea, I am attempting to save, save, save.
  3. After shopping on Friday, Rose, Colette and I went to Chiquitos, which I can honestly say was the highlight of my week. I had the spicy chicken quesadilla for my main which was delicious. I was nursing a serious food baby.
  4. I'm currently taking a break from University reading by re-reading Wicked. I say re-reading, but I've never managed to finish it before so I'm trying to get it finished. I love it. I have seen the musical which is fantastic and makes you view what happens in The Wizard of Oz in a completely different way. So good.
  5. This week is more work experience, another meeting with the guys from the magazine, working at Ikea and hopefully a bit of research done for an essay due in after Easter. Right now though, I'm curling up in bed after this exhausting week and reading until I fall asleep (or go watch Titanic, whichever). Tomorrow I might be going into Leeds with a friend, unless he bails, which is highly likely. Either way it's my only day off this week so I'm not doing anything unless I need to!
How have your weeks been? 

Thanks for reading x


  1. I really fancy an iced finger now! I love your tattoo too xo

    1. haha it was so tasty! massive too. Thank you :) xx

  2. Iced fingers are one of my favourite cakes. They used to sell them when I was at school and I always used to get one because they were the only things I had the money to afford! haha. I've been singing along to Wicked this week actually, never read it or seen it thought, I'm just in love with the day! (: xx

    1. haha iced fingers are my favourite! I can remember when they were dirt cheap like 27p from Greggs or something, they're the best part of 50p now! All I can say about Wicked is GO SEE IT, it is honestly one of my favourites, I need to see it again! xx

  3. I've tried to read Wicked a few times now but never seem to get past the first few chapters! Really want an iced bun now...

    Laila x

    1. that's exactly what's happened to me! I'm persevering though because I've heard it's fantastic! :) xx


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