Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Random Ramble: Exhaustion Strikes

at the pub quiz
Hey everyone,
Just a quick post letting you know what I've been up to. It's been a bit hectic yet again this week (so far). I've been at work experience, and writing a lot for the paper - only little pieces, but something might make it into the paper! We shall see. I have my second meeting with the magazine team tomorrow, which I'm excited about, I really can't wait to get started with the whole thing.

I also popped into Leeds on Monday and got pierced all by myself. I felt so proud ha! My friend was supposed to come with me, but he watched Wrestlemania(?!) the night before and didn't wake until 3pm. Lazy.
Some friends and I went to the pub quiz last night. We didn't win but it was a lot of fun! Even though about half of my old high school were there, it was odd seeing so many old faces again.

I'm back working my day job at Ikea tomorrow. It is honestly so draining I can't explain how pleased I'll be when I can leave, but as my dad says 'it's a means to an end' and I'm in no position to be quitting a job right now. I'm just exhausted with the magazine, work experience and working at Ikea.

I've also been looking at work experience placements in publishing houses. The only issue is all of the big publishing houses are in London, and I live just outside of Leeds. I'm going to try and get as much experience as I can this summer so I can concentrate fully on my studies from September so I'm going to see if I can work something out.

I'm a bit uninspired when it comes to post content really, I was thinking about maybe doing a few reviews or something? Just to mix it up a bit and add something new. I'm definitely going to be doing a few book reviews once I finish something (Wicked is amazing so far!). I should really be researching for an essay I have due in on the 17th though.

I'll shut up now,
I'm thinking about getting my shoulder tattoo extended down my shoulder blade, but can't decide. My sister thinks I should just leave it alone. What do you think?

Thanks for reading x

P.S. How amazing is it that Androids can now download Instagram?! (my username is piuma_)


  1. Hummmm I didn't know Androids could download Instagram, am getting on that right now! And will follow you or whatever it is you do on that thing. What did you get pierced?

    Laila x

  2. haha I know! I literally found out yesterday :) I got my left nipple pierced. I didn't want to post it explicitly cos some people may be a bit weird about it. I was expecting it to feel like I was plunging my boob into the fiery pits of hell, but it didn't hurt one little bit! xx

    1. Oh my, I have wanted mine done for aaaages! Going to have to do it soon I think!

      Laila x

    2. Do it! Seriously, it didn't hurt me at all. The woman anesthetised(?) the area slightly, but it wasn't completely numb. It just felt like a pinch, almost like when I got my nose pierced. Go for it! xx


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