Sunday, 15 April 2012

Weekly Summary #9

Driving back to Manchester
Lent is over - first bag of Skittles
Maya Angelou autobiography (see previous post)
All alone in the office

  1. I'm writing this post from my room in Manchester! I've been a bit down recently, missing Manchester and getting bored of being home, so seeing as I have an essay due in on Tuesday (eek!) I decided to come home and stay for a few days. I'm so happy to be back. Lydia also comes back on Tuesday, it'll be so good to see her again!
  2. I finished my work experience at The Press on Wednesday. It was good fun, but definitely cemented that I do not want to work in journalism. I spent my time writing up small pieces, and as fun as it was for the three days I was there, and even though the team were amazing, I can't imagine doing it full time. It's spurred me on into applying for internships though; I heard back from one place, where I had to do a test, but I don't think I've got it. 
  3. I've been working more at Ikea too, so I can build up my savings over the Summer, seeing as I currently have £0 in a savings account, which isn't good. I've been there for near enough 4 years and it is really grating. I know I complain about it all the time, and I'm lucky to have a job that is so accommodating, but I just want to concentrate on uni now.
  4. Tomorrow is a day full of essay planning and writing. Abbey is going to come pick me up and take me to Asda once she's finished uni, which I'm sure will be a welcome break. Tonight I'm waiting for my chips to cook, and am going to settle down in bed with a book, catch up on blogs and have an early night. We're also going shopping into town on Wednesday to try and find outfits for her birthday night out in a couple of weeks. Agh I love Manchester. (#mancophile ?)
  5. This week I'm going to brave it and do an 'everyday make-up' post, possibly with my mug in it. Maybe. If I feel brave enough. I'm also going to try and review Wicked seeing as I should finish that tonight, so that should be up after my essay has been handed in.


  1. It's a shame you changed your mind about journalism! Then again, I did a degree in it and decided to go into digital marketing instead. Good luck with the internships - do you have another career in mind now or are you just experimenting?

  2. I never really wanted to go into journalism, but I wasn't going to turn down a chance to work at a newspaper hah! I really want to go into publishing, mainly copy-editorial. I think anyway! I enjoyed the test I had to do so I'm attempting to get work experience in publishing, which is proving to be really difficult! haha xx

  3. Fair enough! I did a week at a paper in the features section which was good fun, but like you, it made me realise it's not something I'd want to do full time!
    I did a few copy editing tests for jobs and unfortunately didn't get the jobs, and on one they gave the answers and I was kicking myself that I'd missed out! But ultimately glad because I found a better job :) Just get practising copy-editing tests as often as you can, and keep hunting! x

  4. More of a technical comment, but HOW do you get the pictures to go next to each other?! It's the one thing that has really stumped me - do you do it on a different programme first?

    1. no I use the uploader on blogger :) if you click on the photo once you'ce uploaded it, it comes up with 'link' on the toolbar. Click on that so the photo isn't linked any more. Do that to all the photos then just delete the gaps and they should go next to each other. If two photos are too wide they won't fit next to each other though, it's just trial and error!

      It sounds complicated, but it really isn't x


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