Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Whitby (a.k.a. the best place on earth)

WARNING: Picture heavy post!

On Easter Monday me and my friends decided to go on a trip out and chose to go to Whitby. I've been to Whitby loads of times before when I was younger (we had a caravan in Filey for a while) and it is one of my favourite places I've ever been. It's just beautiful, even in the drizzle.
It took us just about 2 hours to get there and it was crazy busy when we arrived at noon.

I'm going to make a bold claim and say that Whitby has the best fish and chips. Ever. We walked down the pier and stopped off to eat, they were bloody expensive though! Colette and I bought a portion to share, along with a can of lemon Fanta (who knew they had it in the UK?! I've only ever had it abroad) and it cost us £5.60! They were worth it though, the fish was delicious. I am biased though, fish and chips is probably my favourite meal.

We walked right to the end of the pier to the lighthouse. I find lighthouses fascinating and beautiful. There's something so safe about them. We had to walk along a slightly rickety bridge and Rose, who is scared of heights, freaked out a tiny bit so we turned back whilst everyone carried on. 


We went onto the beach, I love donkeys, these ones looked a bit pissed off though, imagine walking up and down with kids on your back all days. Especially all trussed up like that, no wonder.
The Fleetwood Mac fan in me couldn't resist taking a photo of this shop name. It's just awesome. The font and everything.

Just before I took a photo of 'Arguments Yard' a bloke was stood in it pulling a face and waving his fist while his girlfriend took a photo, it was hilarious. Whitby's just full of these little walkways. The bottom plaque was from the side of the lighthouse. 


We didn't pay to go into the Abbey (erm £6.20 really?) so I took this photo from over the wall. I don't think I've ever been around the Abbey. The 200(ish) stairs to get to up to the Abbey still killed me, even though there didn't seem as many as when I was 10. I'm just disgustingly unfit.
Yet another cute shop name. This lovely little vintage shop was adorable and sold the nicest clothes that I could never pull off in a million year.

The whole day was great, we wandered round the old part of the town, revisited the Lucky Duck shop, had our tea in a little pub at the bottom of the Abbey steps and did a little bit of shopping. I bought a book, some rock and biscuits for my dad, some blackcurrant jam and some fudge. The weather held off pretty much all day too, just drizzling slightly. 
We got back at about 9 and went straight to bed!

I've got some great news to tell you all, I'm just waiting to see if it all works out before I spill the beans. There should be a review post up soon too, I think it'll be a book review seeing as I've nearly finished Wicked. 
Posts may be few and far between for the next few days as I'm working a lot and have an essay deadline next Tuesday, but I'll do my best :)

How did you spend your long weekends?

Thanks for reading x

Edit: Oh, I also have instagram, my username is piuma_ Twitter: @aptpupil_ and Tumblr (bit of a warning though, my tumblr is a kind of diary, there are a lot of emotional ranty posts over there ha!) 


  1. Mmm fish n chips! Looks fun, I have never been to Whitby (I think it is really far away from me but I'm bad a geography related facts). Am following on Tumblr!

    Laila x

  2. Whitby is lovely, it's like York but better. Followed you back :) xx

  3. I love Whitby, this makes me want to visit again. I've only been once but loved it, I couldn't walk along the pier though, the gaps between the planks were way too big for my liking, I remember trembling holding onto my boyfriend for support all the way! I didn't think I was a scaredy cat until then (: x

  4. It's a lovely place, not even the crappy weather could spoil it! :) xx


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