Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Beauty Review - Bioderma

Bioderma Crealine H20 has been popular on beauty blogs for ages now, but I still thought I'd put my two pence worth in. 
Bioderma is a micellar solution, which I believe is basically a water solution which has tiny droplets of oil suspended in it, making it an excellent gentle make-up remover.

I know everybody raves about this stuff, and yes, it is amazing. All you need to do to remove all traces of make-up is soak three cotton pads in the solution; hold one over each eye for about a minute and then gently swipe away, revealing lovely fresh, clean eyes. Use the other for the rest of your face make-up. It takes make-up off gently and quickly, and when followed by a cleanser makes your skin feel lovely. However I have two qualms with it.

  • It is hard to get hold of in the UK, with ebay being the best bet (link to the seller I used here). This doesn't particularly bother me, as this is my first bottle that I only bought to try out, but it is really good, so I want to repurchase. Which leads me to my second point.
  • The price. I believe that you get what you pay for, so the price tag isn't really what irks me either, I would happily pay £15 on ebay for the big size. However, it just doesn't last that long. You need to soak three cotton pads in the stuff every night. That uses up quite a lot of product. That small bottle only last me about a month. And I won't lie and say I used it religiously. I don't mind paying for a product if it lasts, for example, the Clinique facial soap I use costs £15, but I bought my first one in January and I still have about a week's worth of product left. That's 4 months. 
So yes, it is a really good make-up remover. But that's all it is. There are cheaper alternatives out there, I believe that Boots Botanics does an excellent eye make-up remover for about £4, and La Roche Posay also do a micellar solution, which is more widely available.
Before I splurge on the big bottle, I think I'll go back to my old routine of using a face wipe and then cleansing with my Clinique cleanser, which works really well and just takes a little bit more time. 
For me, Bioderma just isn't worth the money, even though it is great.

What do you think about Bioderma? Do you find it worth the money?

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  1. I ordered my first Bioderma last week, waiting for it to arrive. Ordered the fullsize one as I couldn't find any smaller ones! And I got the green one which is for oily and problematic skin so I am hoping it will be worth my pennies! xo

    1. I haven't tried the green one! I've heard great things about it, and it is great (speaking as a girl who wears too much eyeliner daily), I just used so much too quickly it's too unkind to my bank balance :( xx


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