Sunday, 6 May 2012

Weekly Summary #12

Derby Day in Manchester, Before going to meet Lottie, RENT,
The Imperial War Museum in Salford from the Lowry, Bye bye Manchester, Shifts at work,
Wasting time on Pottermore, Before work, Ben drinks only the classiest stuff.

  1. Hi everyone! I feel as though I haven't posted much at all this week, but I've probably posted more than usual. It's odd. I'll say what I always say: this week has been busy. I've been back and forth from Manchester, but it has been very productive.
  2. Exciting news #1 I have more work experience! It may not be exciting for anyone else, but I'm over the moon. I get to work from home and just have to be online 9-1 Tuesday and Wednesdays. I'll be proof-reading and writing small articles for a website.  I'm spending this summer building up my CV, so every little helps.
  3. Exciting news #2 I am planning another tattoo. Again, probably not exciting for anyone else. Literally every single one of my friends are far from impressed, because it's pretty big and they think I get them too often (my last one was in July last year). Abbey is coming with me on Tuesday to price up my design to see if I can afford it. I won't reveal the design I have in mind, but it includes a line from this poem, 'As I Walked Out One Evening' by W.H Auden. It isn't the line 'you shall love your crooked neighbour with your crooked heart' either. It's one of my favourite poems.
  4. I went to see RENT at the Lowry with my friend Lottie on Tuesday. I got to take my first tram out of Manchester. The performance was really, really good. There were some fantastic voices. 
  5. I also had a night out with my uni friends on Tuesday night, got pretty drunk and revealed my gymnastic capabilities. It's embarrassing. It was such a great night and I hate that it's probably our last till September :( I miss living in Manchester so much.
  6. Tonight it's the work party. It's fancy dress. The theme is 1980's. I hate fancy dress. I'm kind of channeling Madonna by wearing a black lace dress, a hair tie, neon beads and lace gloves. It's as far as I'm prepared to go. I really hate fancy dress. 
I hope your weeks were fun-filled and interesting!
I have a few posts planned for this week, so keep an eye out :)

Thanks for reading x

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