Thursday, 24 May 2012

In the Heat of Summer Sunshine

I think everybody in the UK is amazed by the gorgeous weather we've been having! It's definitely been a welcome change from the grey and drizzle of the past few weeks. I had planned to do a couple of OOTDs and a book post or two this week, but the weather put a hold on that, so I'll just give you a little update as to what I've been up to instead.

The past couple of days I have literally spent as much time outdoors as possible! Tuesday Colette came home so we took the dogs for a walk (the first four photos - apologies for my messy room/instagram snaps). I had work experience that morning too, which went well, I just feel that I'm not getting the experience I wanted, I want to be included in editing and learning how to edit, instead I am being given short pieces to write. I guess you have to learn to write in order to be able to edit though.

Yesterday I sacked off work experience after waking up feeling ill, so I had a lie in and took the dogs out again. We live about 10 minutes walk away from Oakwell Hall which is a lovely little country park, and is always filled with young children whenever the sun shows its face.

Today I had a driving lesson which went well. I just need to book my theory test and pass that now. I went for a walk and bought some ice creams; Colette and Abbey picked me up and we went to Oakwell and sunbathed. I say sunbathed, I was covered in Factor 30 (I usually wear 50, so I have burnt a bit, boo). All my freckles are coming out to play again. I know some people hate their freckles, I love mine, and my pale skin. That ice cream was delicious too. We then drove around and visited a few shops. 

I've been listening to a lot of Say Anything and Kids in Glass Houses to get in a lovely, summery mood!

I'm going to try and get a book post up tomorrow, and take advantage of having Colette around and take some outfit pictures today, seeing as my Asos order arrived today!

How have you been spending the sunny days?
My evening includes reading, eating a prawn sandwich and then tackling my mess of a room :(
I hope you're week has been good so far, it's back to normality  and work for me tomorrow.

Thanks for reading x

p.s. sorry about the cheesy Corrs reference in the title!

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