Sunday, 20 May 2012

Weekly Summary #14

Shopping in Leeds with Rose, Ted Baker changing rooms,
Rose looking beautiful, sculpture on Briggate,
Coffee break, Working out graphs for Work Experience,
Waiting for the bus, Sausage and kidney bean casserole,
Mango for breakfast, Pizza for lunch,
Rain on the way to work, More coffee,
Tesco book deals are a killer, Bunny love,
More bunny love,
Outfit going to see Rose, 'To Read' list is a bit excessive!

  1. This week has been eventful! I went shopping with Rose to find a dress for a ball at her university. She didn't buy the yellow one, isn't my best friend stunning?! Leeds is a brilliant place in the sunshine, I haven't spent loads of time there recently, but I spent most weekends between the ages of 14-17 in Leeds. It's so lovely.
  2. I went to Manchester on Tuesday to meet Abbey for tea, and then a magazine meeting. I got there and Abbey rang me saying her car had been broken in to, so I didn't end up going to the meeting, we sorted out her car and then I made us tea. Luckily nothing expensive was taken (the idiots even left the sat nav and took about £5 in coppers) it was just a bit crazy.
  3. Work experience is still going well, and I may have secured an internship in Manchester in August/September. Fingers crossed for that one, I'm going to email the lady back this week. As for work at Ikea, that's the same as always. It's crazy how busy I am recently even though I don't feel like I'm getting much done.
  4. I finally told my mum about getting tattooed. She wasn't happy (as expected) but I'm not dead, so that's a plus. I just need to sort it out with work (even though I've told them I can't work) that I get the hours I need. It's getting silly really.
How were your weeks? Hopefully this week marks my first OOTD. Colette is coming back on Tuesday giving us plenty of time to attempt them. She's the only one I can get to take photos. 
If you haven't completed your university years yet, good luck! Same goes to those with A-Levels etc to take. Work hard and you'll be fine!

Thanks for reading x


  1. You're week is how I want my weeks to be after I've finished uni (only a month away haha)!. Congrats on the work placement, I've been on the hunt but it's just so difficult and I am sick to death of application forms!! They're soo long! (: xx

    1. aww thanks :) My life is pretty boring really, just working and spending time with friends, summer always makes me want to travel, but I'm a bit skint right now. A month isn't too long, it'll be worth it when you're done! I know what you mean about the work placements, it feels like I email 10 places and get a reply from 1 if I'm lucky :( Good luck! xx


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