Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Picnicking in the Sunshine

After finding out that the weather is going to turn in the next few days, yesterday I spend the afternoon at Oakwell Hall with my old friend and her new puppy.
Emma is living in Northallerton over the summer now she's finished uni for the year, so I took advantage of her being home and we packed up a picnic. I made chocolate chip scones (recipe post here) and a tortilla (recipe here) which both went down a treat.

We also went to Tesco on the way and bought some more treats, I mean what kind of picnic is it if you don't have strawberries?! It was all so tasty!

Meet Herbie (and Emma). Herbie is possibly the cutest thing I have ever met. He is an 11 week old Springer Spaniel puppy. He's also partially sighted, but he is so docile and gentle! Emma and I sat and chatted for hours, and he just laid there, drinking some water and relaxing. He is ADORABLE! He sat on my lap all the way to Oakwell. We did lay out a bit too long (and I didn't put sun cream on, even though I burn like crazy) so I ended up looking like this:

The breeze was deceptive! I had a lovely day yesterday, catching up with Emma and meeting Herbie. I also went out for a Nando's and to the pub quiz with work friends. It was brilliant!

I hope you're enjoying what is left of the sunshine! It's apparently going to get  bit greyer soon, it's definitely clouded over where I am anyway! Here's hoping it stays warm though.

Thanks for reading! x

p.s. I've bought a few things I want to show you, so I'll do a post on that soon, and also a book post. Promise!


  1. So jealous of those strawberries! This has made me want a picnic so much. Lovely little dog too xo

    1. Isn't Herbie adorable! I wanted to steal him! Picnicking is so much fun, I don't do it often enough :) xx


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