Saturday, 30 June 2012


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A little bit different for this month's post - I was inspired by Meg to choose my highstreet picks. I got paid yesterday, so I've made a set on Polyvore of an outfit I want to put together. I wanted this dress the first time it was in stock, but missed it; I tried it on yesterday but it was too big and they didn't have the smaller size in stock. I will try it! The other item I really want is a rucksack/backpack, not necessarily this particular one, but something similar, so if you know of anything similar let me know! I've also been tempted by the American Apparel shawl cardigan, but we shall see!

June has been somewhat of a lacklustre month, what with it being a dreaded five-weeker (my bank balance cried with joy on payday though). A few personal things also happened which weren't the best, so lets hope July is better - and warmer! I want to wear sandals and not worry about getting frostbite or trenchfoot.

Playlist for June has been:

Here's to a sunnier, warmer June! x


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