Saturday, 30 June 2012

Self-motivation Pep Talk

image source: I'm guessing Rudy Francisco(?) but I found it on Tumblr, as always

A bit more of a personal post I guess. This past month hasn't been my personal best; I've let a lot of things that wouldn't usually bother me get to me, I've had a crisis of confidence and just generally felt a bit down. July is going to change that, it is the month of motivation and hard work, because I am flat out refusing to say 'I can't do this' anymore, because I CAN, I'm pretty sure I'm boring my friends by being a mardy arse a lot of the time too.

July means sticking my nose in books and actually reading. I have read one book on my list of books I wanted to read over summer. One. How pathetic. I am also going to keep nagging the people who have said they'd give me work experience to give me start dates so I can get prepared!

This month I have been bored, which has led to wallowing and lack of motivation. I am ridding myself of envy, and having a little bit more faith in myself, because I can do this, I can live the life I want to live and be ridiculously happy doing it!

I got my second year university results and achieved a 2:1 in all of my modules apart from one, which I predicted anyway, and I am overall extremely happy. I cannot wait to go back so I'm going to start my dissertation studying next week to give myself a kick-start. I also booked my driving test today.

A bit of a ramble I supposed; sometimes I find it necessary to write things down to actually motivate myself. Plus I really loved the image of definitions, how cute is it!?

What do you do to re-motivate yourself and get yourself out of a slump? 

Thanks for reading xx

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