Sunday, 10 June 2012

Weekly Summary #17

Tidy room, Started watching Twin Peaks, Sneaky photo of Abbey who always refuses photos,
Outfit to go see my best friend, Urban Outfitters order, Outfit to go see Westlife at the MEN,
Seats at Westlife, Starbucks overload, Cinema date with my girls

  1. This week has been an interesting one. I've had more time off work, after being told that everyone in the department's hours are being restricted to their contracted hours (I was working over 20 hours/week and have been cut back to my 8 hour contract - money ouch) so that was a bit of a blow.
  2. Driving is still going well, reaaaally need to book my theory, no idea why I'm putting it off. My instructor keeps bugging me about it. I should probably get round to it tomorrow.
  3. I started Twin Peaks. I've reached the second season now but haven't had a time to really sit down and continue yet! I saw an old friend on Thursday for the first time since about Christmas and had  a good catch up. He's the greatest person ever and everything is going well for him, I'm so glad.
  4. I saw Westlife last night. The band I've adored since I was about 7 years old are splitting up and I'm absolutely gutted. The show was amazing, I wish I could see it again. They played all the best songs - including Uptown Girl - did a medley of a ton of songs (including Don't Cha by the Pussycat Dolls. With hip thrusting. I died.) Colette and I cried a lot. I'm still in shock to be honest! The black top I wore was half of my Urban Outfitters order.
  5. Today I returned one of the tops from my Urban Outfitters order - it was like a crocheted nightmare - got a Starbucks (or two) and spent the rest of the day with my best friends. Rose's parents bought us a Chinese for tea. It was lovely, I adore Rose's family. This week I'm visiting Alton Towers for the first time ever. Being 5ft 1 may prove to be a hindrance though!
I hope all your weeks have been good, even if it's being raining!

Thank you, as always, for reading x


  1. You, my dear are adorable! you need to post more photos of yourself!

  2. You're very kind, thank you :)! xx

  3. This is gonna sound weird, but I love your bed haha. Seriously, I've always wanted a bed like that, my friend has one and I was so jealous when I first saw it. So um....yeah. Haha (: Love your westlife outfit, I need more cloooothes. xx

    1. that bed is so old ha! it's an ikea special, I think they still do it! pretty cheap too! Thank you! Good luck with your upcoming exams! xx


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