Thursday, 7 June 2012

What's in My Handbag?

I'm an incredibly nosy person, so even though I'm probably incredibly late to the party on this one, when I heard about I was pretty chuffed to say the least! I love watching 'What's in My Bag' videos on youtube, and love reading blog posts all about the contents of a bag. When written down it sounds a bit creepy doesn't it?

Back to the point. Whatsinmyhandbag is a beauty website, it doesn't just focus on the contents of bags (although that is admittedly my favourite part). You can create your own 'bag', you can also register to try feature trial sizes of products, shop from certain bags - there are links to where you can purchase certain beauty items. You can also build up a virtual beauty cabinet by clicking on products and selecting 'have this' or want this', basically creating wishlists.

It's a brilliant website, and I'm yet to explore all of it (I only joined yesterday in a state of procrastination from writing). It's just perfect for all the other beauty obsessed nosy parkers. It is completely free to join too, if you want you can use my link - it's like an invitation service - if not just go straight to the website :)

Now the juicy stuff, what's in my bag?!

I'm not one to carry a ton of unnecessary crap about in my bag, I generally just go out with my keys, phone and purse if I'm just nipping to the shops.
The bag is one I've stolen from my sister, I believe it was from Next originally, it's an Alexa-a-like, but I just like it because I like black satchel bags. All of my bags are black come to think of it. I use a black Cambridge Satchel for uni, which is my favourite bag ever. This bag is brilliant because I can use it to lug my uniform to work too. I work with food, so have to get changed into my uniform at work, which is a massive pain in the neck.

My purse was £5 on sale in Urban Outfitters and is full of crap. So many receipts/cards I don't need anymore. My glasses case is from a little Chinese shop in Berlin and cost me TWO EUROS. Best bargain. Lydia made me buy it, and I'm glad she did.
My phone is a Samsung Galaxy SII and I constantly get stick because it is massive. Most of my friends have iPhones, but I prefer my phone, even if it is huge.
Headphones and my work clock-in card - photo down because it is 4 years old and hideous.
I always have my keys, self-explanatory really, and some sort of food or drink (tropical juice from Tesco today). I've also stuck Elle in there as I haven't finished reading it.
I generally have a notebook and a book in there too (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas), but I've been writing and reading today, so I took them out.

Like I said, nothing exciting really, I used to carry the world about with me, but seeing as I don't go anywhere too exciting, I just take the basics now. Anything else I need, like lip balm or chewing gum, I just shove in my pockets.

Do you have anything interesting in your bag?
Thanks for reading x


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    1. Thanks! I stole it from my sister haha! xx

  2. love the blog dear :D

    newest follower !!

    xox Effy


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