Sunday, 17 June 2012

Weekly Summary #18

Mojito Monday, Venti coffee which ended up all over the floor, Alton Towers,
Nap time on the way home, :'(, Lunch,
Beginners, Outfit for coffee, Coffee,
Faves, Rum Truffles, Archers and Lemonade

  1. This week has been interesting and exhausting to say the least! On Monday evening I went on an impromptu night out with three of my favourite male friends from high school and had a good catch up. I didn't get in until 3am though, which wasn't the best idea when I was up at half 6 on Tuesday to go to Alton Towers. I also realised I really don't like mojitos.
  2. Speaking of Alton Towers, it was the first time I've been and I had a lot of fun. I'm not the biggest fan of rides, but I went on quite a few and it was a good day out. Even if I was exhausted. 
  3. I worked at on Wednesday and Thursday this week, and I think I'm finally becoming more confident with my writing. The editor keeps telling me I'm doing well, so we shall see. I have loads going on in terms of contributing to different projects, I really need to get my act into gear.
  4. After a bad shift at work yesterday I decided to come back to Manchester for a few days. I just needed to get away from people and have a break. Even if the pressure on the shower is messed up. I spent last night having a few Archers and lemonades and watching films. A friend also came to see me, which was nice. 

Tonight I plan on doing more of nothing, just watching the Royal Tenenbaums and sleeping lots before getting up tomorrow to go to the library to hand books in and go back home. My lovely friend Abbey is meeting me for coffee and we're going to have a chat as we've both been a bit down. I'm coming back to Manchester on Thursday for the day which will be nice. I love this city.

I hope your weeks have all been lovely.

Thanks for reading x


  1. Mojitos are one of the best cocktails! Sorry to hear you've been a bit down, hope you feel better soon xx

    1. I really don't like them haha! I think it's the bacardi. Thank you sweet, that's lovely of you to say, I'm feeling much better now :) xx


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