Monday, 18 June 2012

Five Steps to Happy

image by Marc Johns

When I feel a bit down there are a handful of things I do to try and get myself back into a positive frame of mind. I haven't been feeling tip-top recently, but now I'm feeling more like myself again.
  1. Take a long soak in the bath. I always have a long pampering session in the bath. I exfoliate my body, get my hair squeaky clean and relax. I try to make myself feel as pretty as possible. I don't think anything ever feels as bad after a long bath.
  2. Cry if you want to. I'm not much of a crier. I internalise my feelings a lot of the time, but sometimes you just feel sad, and you just want to cry. I found myself crying on the train the other day, just because I needed to. Bottling up the need to cry is never good, in my opinion. I just let it out. There has been many a time where my dad has looked at me and asked what the matter was, and I've just said 'I feel sad' and cry. There's no rhyme or reason to it, just let it all out, even if that means sticking on P.S I Love You and crying over the fact Gerard Butler dies. Wallow in it, for just a little bit.
  3. Play happy music. When I've finished wallowing (I don't like wallowing, I give myself an hour or two before I try to snap myself out of it) I put on happy music. For me it's Motown music, or something like Rilo Kiley, something you can dance to. Find me a person who is sad when listening to Motown, and I'll give you a liar. You just can't be sad whilst listening to The Drifters, or Otis Redding. It's impossible.
  4. Sleep it off. To be fair, sleep is often my solution to everything. A good night's sleep always makes things feel better. The cliche things always look better in the morning is a cliche for a reason, after all. Even if it's just an hour's nap, or a 10 hour mega sleep, nothing can be quite as terrible after some shut-eye.
  5. And if all that fails, ESCAPE. Get out of the house, even if it's to go for a walk by yourself where you stick your headphones in, walk and cry until it feels better. Just escape your sadness for a little while. It may be there when you get back, but it won't be as strong. Get out, eat nice things, jump on a train and go somewhere new. I come to Manchester a lot when I want to escape, it's my little place where I feel happiest and most content. Talk to people - even if it's not about why you're sad, just talk. I'm not often on for sharing my sadness, but sometimes it's all that helps. Escape yourself for a while. Have fun. Focus on the good things in your life. There are better things out there than what is making you sad. I promise.
This is just what I do, because most of the time, the reason why I'm sad isn't worth being sad about. It is trivial. If it's down to a person, it's their loss, if it's something else, it probably isn't that important anyway.

Thanks for reading x


  1. With my exams coming up, I've been trying all these things - good advice to give to anybody. :)

    1. Good luck with your exams lovely :)! glad you liked it xx


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