Sunday, 1 July 2012

Weekly Summary #20

Tidy room, Baby chair <3, Organised wardrobe,
Finally got it framed!, Lunch, Night in,
Theory revision, Ralph Steadman illustrations in Fear and Loathing, Outfit before work,
Payday treats, Waiting for Colette in H&M, Fruits of my shopping.

  1. This week has been interesting. I haven't done an awful lot really, due to having no money at the end of a five week month. I've been working a lot and writing a bit, trying to get organised.
  2. I got paid yesterday and went shopping. My reasoning was that I passed my theory test (yay!) so I deserved a treat. I didn't spend that much really, I bought a Ralph Steadman Withnail and I print (watch the film, so good) and some underwear, which is an addiction. I am going shopping in Liverpool tomorrow with Lydia, who I haven't seen in about 3 weeks, so I am excited! I may do a small haul post, I can't spend too much as I have to pay to get my tattoo finished in two weeks.
  3. I also wrote my first piece for Aesthetic Magazine, which I blogged about here. I cannot wait for the first issue to be finished, I know that all the copy is being read through and edited so it hopefully shouldn't be too long until it's ready!
  4. Like I said, not much has happened this week; Colette came home from uni for the summer, and also bought her first car, which she's picking up on Thursday so that will be fun! I booked my driving test, which I am terrified about, but I think I'm ready. We shall see.
If any of you know of any good places to go in Liverpool, let me know! I've never been before!

Hope you all had nice weeks,

Thanks for reading x


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