Sunday, 5 August 2012

Weekly Summary #25

Went to Asda for tights and came back £20 lighter, American History X, Waiting for yet another train,
Shopping with Lydia - only bought the cardi though, Exciting night in, Bad day warrants a nap,
New dress is pretty, Forever walking, In LOTR,
Night out, Back early from the night out, Jonny Craig appreciation

  1. Hi everyone, busy week again this week; full of ups and downs. Mainly downs. You know when you can sense something beginning and going really well, and then boom! It all collapses? Yeah, well that happened to me this week, and I am now being ignored. I am emotionally worn out, but had a long chat with my mum about everything I'm stressed about and we've sorted out a plan of action, so hopefully things should be looking up. I've been really happy over the past few weeks and now I feel back to square one. I'm just not myself right now (I got sent home from work 2 hours early today due to being a wreck). Onwards and upwards!
  2. I ordered my trainers from Office over a week ago and they still haven't arrived. There was a mix up with the courier, so I emailed Office and the lady who replied was extremely helpful, so no complaints as to customer service, I'm just a bit miffed. Hopefully they'll be here tomorrow.
  3. I checked my bank balance and have more than expected left, so tomorrow I am going to Ikea to take advantage of my discount and buying some new things for my room in Manchester. I'm going to Manchester on Thursday until Friday afternoon so I plan on redoing my room a bit and completely cleaning it top to bottom. It's cathartic, as my mum says.
  4. I've been listening to Jonny Craig loads this week. He's playing in Leeds a few days after my birthday and I'm tempted to go, it all depends on whether I can persuade someone to come with me.
  5. Aesthetic Magazine is now available for pre-order (here)! A complete bargain at £4! I'm ordering mine tonight, I can't wait to receive it - it includes my first piece of writing in print!
I hope you're all well, thanks for sticking around xx

p.s. if any of you know where I can get a cute, but plain rucksack (nothing like Eastpak etc) let me know, I'm going shopping tomorrow!


  1. Ah I know how you feel, but hopefully things will be on the up for you soon! (: I'm looking for a rucksack too but can't find one anywhere that I can actually afford. River Island did have some plain nice ones but I can't find them now :( xx

    1. It's been a tough week, that's for sure. Hopefully things will be better for the pair of us soon! I was looking on asos at the leather ones, but cannot bring myself to spend £50 on a rucksack :/ xx

  2. you finally added a follow button! DONE. also, love that cardigan. hope you feel better soon xx

    1. haha I know! Only took me a while!
      Thank you sweet :) xxx


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