Monday, 6 August 2012

Chicken Soup for the Soul (or something like that)

New Room

We all have those things we do to make ourselves feel better. Some shop, some go for a run, some comfort eat. I personally clean, tidy and rearrange my room - I'd shop more if I could but I always end up with a case of buyer's guilt (not that it stopped me buying the shoes from this post). 

Like I said in my last post, this week hasn't been great, so I've arranged a trip to Manchester for a couple of days to see my housemates and take advantage of a couple of stress-free days. I plan on re-organising my room, with a theme of blue, white and grey. Having a clear out is cathartic, as my mum says, so I plan on completely gutting my room, and starting afresh. Nothing major needs doing, just a change of bedding and a few other touches.

I went up to Ikea this morning and bought the two sets of pillow cases (plus an extra pillow), a matching fitted sheet, and the cushion, which came to the grand total of £7, staff discount and finding a gift card in my room does wonderful things for my bank balance. I placed a cheeky order with Urban Outfitters last night and purchased the Alice in Wonderland duvet cover, on sale for £30 - half price - here (use the code UO10 to get an extra 10% off)

Something a little bit different is needed as my room at the moment is quite neutral, and although £30 is pretty excessive for a duvet cover, I know the end result will be worth it, plus it was way too cute to pass up on. 

Next on my shopping list is this lamp (everything on my shopping list will be from Ikea, as I work there I get discount, so I may as well use it) as I don't actually have a desk lamp, which is ridiculous. I also plan on getting a few bits for the kitchen, a few sharp knives, new pans and some new crockery. I have way too many plates in Manchester so I plan on bringing them all home and buying myself a new, fully matching set.

I'm going to pack up all of the unnecessary clutter, clean everything and sort my room, and self, out. I always find that an organised room can help bring about an organised state of mind - perfect for the start of a new academic year. Motivation always seems to strike when everything is tidy.

The plan of action regarding my current state of mind is simply to be patient (for now). I know it won't last forever, so I shall be keeping myself busy and trying not to wallow. Enough tears have been shed this past week, it's time for a clean slate. A few deeps breathes.

Tonight I'm tackling my room here, which is a complete tip, with my sister. Mum ordered a skip (do not ask) so literally everything unwanted is getting chucked in there. Very cathartic indeed.

Thanks for reading x


  1. Clean room, clear mind I say! I love the Alice In Wonderland bedding. Currently on the hunt for lovely bits and bobs for my new room at Uni! <3

    Gabby, Tread Softly x

  2. It sounds like I need to hire you to sort my room out! Hoping my new uni flat will be a fresh start... not like the last one! xx

    1. hahahaha organising rooms is my forte! Good luck with your new room :) xx

  3. this bedding is gorgeous!! i love buying bedroom decor! xx

    1. it was a complete bargain (considering it's from Urban Outfitters anyway) and so comfortable!


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