Sunday, 26 August 2012

Weekly Summary #28

This was a disappointment, Team name - 'You're a quizard, Harry', Packing for uni,
To do list is long - and getting longer, Friday's outfit, Curry for tea with my favourite,
Eating my feelings, Today's outfit, Tonight's plans.

  1. Another week passes without any new blog posts. I am going to stop making lame excuses, but I will say this - I move back to Manchester this time next week and will have much more spare time so do expect more blog posts! I start work experience on the 3rd, so I may do some posts relating to that - outfits etc. It's all exciting stuff!
  2. Like I said, I move back to Manchester next weekend, so I've been busy compiling lists and sorting through my mountains of crap. I went to my house yesterday, taking 3 suitcases worth of stuff, and organised everything. My room is my favourite place ever, and I'm very lucky as I've been given a small tv for my room. I've never had a tv of my own in my room before so I can't wait to get it set up.
  3. Lydia is currently at Leeds Fest and she texted me yesterday saying she was watching two of my favourite bands - Coheed and Cambria and Deaf Havana. I grumbled and Dad bought me a McDonalds so I could drown (?) my sorrows. I am massively jealous, but definitely not a festival-goer, I've been to one (Reggae Sundance in Amsterdam when I was 17) and definitely didn't enjoy it so I don't bother nowadays. I wish I could have gone to Leeds Fest for the day though.
  4. This week promises to be another busy one: I'm going over to Lancashire to see my nephews and older sister tomorrow, going to Huddersfield on Tuesday and possibly York on Wednesday. In between all this I'm packing everything up for uni, doing the last few washes, buying the last few bits and transferring money all over the place. It's very hectic! Exciting though, I cannot describe how excited I am to be moving out again!
So there we go, my week. Like I said, don't expect too much from me in the upcoming week, but I promise I will try to get a few blog posts written once I'm back in Manchester! I miss writing regularly. 

Thank you for reading, and for sticking with me! I appreciate every single reader :) xxx


  1. Seriously, the best quiz team name I've heard in a long time haha (: sympathise with your dislike of festivals, I'm the same so just sit watching all the tv coverage instead and wishing I was there. xx

    1. haha I can't take any credit for it unfortunately! I missed all the coverage cos I'm rubbish :( xx


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