Monday, 20 August 2012

Weekly Summary #27 - on a Monday (technically Tuesday, it's getting worse)

Best cookies possibly ever, Sin City in bed, Always the first one awake,
Outfit, Train station is my second home, Fresh tattoo,
Mango and Passionfruit Costa, Abbey loves me, LOTR

  1. I'm getting really bad at blogging again guys, I'm sorry. I've been busy (the usual excuse) getting sorted for uni. I move back 2 weeks today, but I'm going to my house on Saturday so I've been getting as much sorted as possible to take with me. I'm also looking and applying for jobs in Manchester. It's exciting but a bit of a drag.
  2. I've cut down my hours at work but it still feels like I'm there constantly. I hope I manage to find another job in Manchester as it will make my life at least 70% easier (approximately). I've also cheered up a ton though, something with a certain person has changed and done a complete 180, so I'm happy. Second chances are a good thing sometimes.
  3. Oh I also got tattooed again. It's on my upper inner arm and took just over 2 hours. It isn't finished yet, it has another hour to go on it yet but I couldn't sit to finish it. It is the most painful tattoo I have had to date. The inner arm is such a tender area and it was awful. There are so many pressure points under the arm pit (apparently, I don't know) but I definitely felt the pain. It looks amazing though. I got it done by Tom Flanagan who works at the Oddfellow Tattoo Collective in Leeds, check out his instagram: triple_denim
  4. It's another busy week ahead for me, although I have been give 3 CONSECUTIVE days off (never happens ever!) so I'm starting packing, organising finances, ringing Student Finance and making numerous lists. Awesome. I do love organising stuff though. 
  5. Just a note to say - I GOT TICKETS FOR THE ALEXISONFIRE FAREWELL TOUR. Now I don't know how many of my readers are Alexisonfire fans, but this is the final tour. Ever. And I have tickets. It's all the way in December but I cannot wait. I got the poster bundle for me and a friend - £150 in total, gulp, - so worth it. Here's hoping I get paid a lot so I can replenish my savings!
Just a quick message - thank you to the new followers this week, I've been a horrible blogger for the past month or so, so here's hoping I get better soon. Things should be better once I'm back in Manchester with some time to spare!

Thank you for sticking around and reading!
Love to all xxx


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    1. I was gutted when they broke up so I'd have sold my left arm to go see them! So happy! xxx

  2. Great post!



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