Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Adventure Time (featuring boyfriend).

This week is my reading week from university (read: half term - no classes) so Reece came to stay for a couple of days. He arrived at my house at 10am on Monday, after spending over an hour travelling due to shitty rail replacement coaches, and spent the day in bed as he came straight from work (he works nights and finishes at 7.30am).

It's safe to say Monday was spent watching copious amounts of South Park, eating pasta and ordering an obscene amount of pizza. Possibly over £50 worth of pizza.

On Tuesday we got up early, for us 10am is early, and spent the day in town. 
I showed Reece around the Northern Quarter, my personal favourite area of the city centre - it has the nicest cafes and shops, but it is slightly more expensive. It also has a Carhartt store (which Reece loves), so we spent a good 20 minutes in there poring over the ridiculously overpriced clothing. I kind of fell in love with a tote bag in there, but at £55 it certainly didn't make it's way home with me.

Just a note: Urban Outfitters is a bad place to go when you have been paid a healthy wage and slightly expensive taste. Safe to say a lot of money was spent (not by me, I'm skint), however I was treated to a jumper - it was on sale! Although, I am ridiculously jealous of the Herschel rucksack he bought.

On the way to finding Rain City Tattoo - Reece has an appointment next week, we took a wrong turning due to my pants map-reading skills, and found a traditional sweet shop, selling everything from American cereal and confectionery (helloo mint M&M's) to good, old, proper sweets. It was ace. And expensive, like £6.50 for a box of Lucky Charms expensive. 
Before entering Reece said 'Don't take me in here, I always spend too much money'. He did.

We found Rain City Tattoo - eventually - and then went home. I had a go at making chicken noodle soup; it wasn't horrendous. Definitely not a 'proper' chicken noodle soup, but it was tasty and took about 40 minutes to make. I may post the recipe on here soon.

Today was home time for the both of us. It was horrific. The Autumn rain finally hit Manchester, we had a bus driver with serious anger management issues, and had to catch a (delayed) train and then a rail replacement coach home.

The journey from Manchester to Huddersfield takes 30 minutes by train, an hour including getting the bus from my house to the station. Today we left my house at 3.20pm and didn't arrive back in Huddersfield until 7.15pm. On the upside, I did read the first 100 pages of MAUS  (amazing) which I have to read for a class Monday. 

I also took a creeper photo of Reece sleeping, where he looks so cute, but I promised I wouldn't post it anywhere. Spoilsport. 

It's been a lovely couple of days, and to be a bit soppy, I couldn't be much happier right now.

I hope your week is going wonderfully so far.

Thanks for reading xxx


  1. Aww really cute post! sounds like you two had a nice time :) I am very impressed by all the pizza...

    1. It was lovely, supposed to be doing dissertation work but nevermind! Haha yeah it was a lot!
      Thank you sweet :)! xxx

  2. that is an incredible amount of pizza! hope you both had a nice time, and i'm jealous of the mint m&ms!

    1. haha it was so much that Reece threw up! The lightweight! We did have a lovely couple of days though, thank you lovely :)
      I havent opened them yet! Saving them!


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