Sunday, 18 November 2012

Weekly Summary #40

OOTD, Went to the David Shrigley exhibition, Red velvet cake,
OOTD, To do list, Lunch - day two of work experience,
Lunch - day three of work experience, 007 watching me work, Reece's hair is LONG,
Got paid in books, Taking up all the room, Good girls.

  1. This week has been CRAZY busy. I didn't have a rest until Friday night when I stayed at Reece's. I was bad company and crashed out. Oops.
  2. I did three days work experience at Manchester University Press and it was honestly the most helpful three days of my life. I have definitely decided that Publishing is the industry I want to work in. The staff I worked with were ready to answer any questions and give me tips on how to progress. I got told that the amount of work experience I've been doing is really good, and even got told by one of the editors that if I applied for an entry level position at MUP I would get an interview, which is definitely encouraging! I also got to choose a couple of books to take with me, which was extremely generous of them. I'm honestly so happy regarding my career right now. I have one more internship to do at the end of the year and then I think that may be it for work experience! I've worked so hard, it's time to concentrate fully on my dissertation!
  3. I'm off to a post-grad fair on Wednesday to look in Masters courses, and how to get funding for them. I really want to continue studying, but the financial aspects is a major negative; if anyone has any tips it would be really helpful!
I don't have much else to say really, this week shouldn't be as busy, so I can get some serious work done! I have a couple of assignments coming up in December so I think I'll start trying to look into them! How exciting.

Thanks for reading :) xxx

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