Sunday, 8 April 2012

Weekly Summary #8 - Happy Easter!

Tess being little spoon, Work, Best ice cream ever,
Arthur fresh from a nap, Henry teaching us about trains, Arthur looking like Hamlet loving hula-hoops,
Anita - West Side Story, Chicken pie, Geese crossing the road
  1. As you can see, I jumped on the instagram bandwagon! I'm kind of addicted. This week was busy, again, with work experience, a magazine meeting, working at Ikea and my mum going away to Lourdes yesterday. 
  2. The magazine meeting wasn't the best; we only had an hour but didn't discuss much at all. The team all seem really fantastic, but getting the ideas off the ground is going to be difficult. We have a plan(ish) set in place so given time, it should be good.
  3. Yesterday I went to visit my nephews, who are my favourite boys on the planet. Henry is 5 and Arthur is almost 2 and completely adorable. We spent the afternoon playing with duplo, reading about trains and dancing. I couldn't be prouder. Then Colette and I went and spent the evening at Rose's. We had chicken pie and cake and chatted and watched films. It was lovely.
  4. My sister, Dad and I went to Mass to celebrate Easter this morning (I haven't been all Holy Week and felt bad). The church was packed so we stood at the back. We watched all the kiddies go to celebrate Children's Liturgy, and there was one little guy, about 3 years old, who was all dressed up in a suit - a little navy number with a red tie. He was adorable and a character. I fell a bit in love with him.
  5. Tomorrow me and a group of friends are going to Whitby, which is one of my favourite places to visit. We used to go all the time when we had a caravan at Filey, but I haven't been in years. Colette and I have said that we want to pay a visit to the Lucky Duck shop and I want to visit the whale bones and climb the stairs. Fish and chips are a must for dinner too. Even though it's almost definitely going to chuck it down, I can't wait!
  6. Next week also marks the beginning of the end of my essays. I have 4 due in before the 30th April, which is quite daunting, two are relatively easy though, so they shouldn't take too long. Ikea have also upped my hours so trying to fit everything in is going to be difficult.
Right now, I'm making the most of a lazy Easter Sunday and watching the end of West Side Story and reading whilst Dad cooks pasta. Toy Story is on at 5.20, are you going to watch? I am. Love Tom Hanks!
I hope you've all had a wonderful weekend (and don't feel too sick).

Thanks for reading x

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