Monday, 13 August 2012

Weekly Summary #26 (on a Monday again)

Started re-watching Buffy, Presents from Mum from Brid, Booked in for a tattoo,
Home sweet home in Manc, Brand new bedding, New trainers,
Blistery feet, Dominos for tea with Lauren and Lyd, Best cookies ever,
Platt Fields Park, Left over cookies for snack time, Fave food,
New shirt from Ark, Walkies, Package from Monki,
'Boris Johnson' followed me, Outfit, CV editing

  1. It's been a long, busy week this week. On Monday I went to Ikea to buy some things for my room in Manchester, which is now all lovely and gorgeous. I can't wait to move back in September. So ready to get away from home again.
  2. I've been at work as usual, but on Thursday I went to Manchester for the evening to spend some time with two of my housemates. We had Dominos and watched Kes. It was good to be back.
  3. The weather was lovely too, so Lauren and I went for a walk around Platt Fields Park while Lydia finished an essay (lol). We had a long chat and formulated an action plan for me. I'm planning on (hopefully) living in Manchester full time once I have completed my degree so I'm starting part-time job hunting in a couple of weeks! I've applied for a couple already, so fingers crossed!
  4. I have also definitely sorted a start date for my work experience. I will be working at an independent book publishers in the Northern Quarter for three days a week. I am so excited!
  5. Alexisonfire have announced a farewell tour in December so I'll be fighting tooth and nail to get tickets. Even if I have to travel to London to see them. I've never got to see them live so I need to go to this show!
  6. I bought the last pair of size four lo Nike blazers in Footlocker. I am in love. They were obviously meant to be mine ;) even if it meant being a bit irresponsible and breaking into my overdraft to get them. I also booked in for a tattoo with the lovely Tom Flanagan at Oddfellows Tattoo Collective in Leeds. I get tattooed on Friday and cannot wait! Mum isn't happy.
  7. Last night I joined my friends as we all went to Oakwell to play games and have fun. We played kick rounders, timebomb and duck duck goose. Because we are five. It was good fun though!
  8. Overall it's been a good week. Going to Manchester gave me the break I needed from home and I feel more settled. 3 weeks and counting until I move back completely!
Sorry it's a day late! I've just been really busy this week :)

Hope you're all well, and thanks for reading xx


  1. Ahh i lived pretty much next to Plattfields Park last year!
    Natalie xx

    1. it's lovely! We walked all the way through to Fallowfield - we live just at the end of the curry mile xx

  2. Was it your new nikes that buggered up your heels?! I bought some nike high tops (in lilac, literally fell in love with them) and within 5 minutes of wearing them I'd rubbed the skin so badly it took 2 months to heel! I really hope yours haven't! you have had a busy week! xx

    1. I bought some shoes from river island that made my heels and little toes blister, the nikes just made it a lot worse. They're plastered up to buggery now though. Just need to keep wearing socks :/ I have indeed! Hope you're well, lovely :) xx


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