Sunday, 23 September 2012

Ready for Autumn

Top: Grey Snood - Primark men £5, Striped jumper - Zara £9.99, Grey jumper - Primark £12, 
Black jeans - Primark £7
Centre: Black jumper - Primark £12, Boots - H&M £29.99, Maroon jumper - Primark £10, Grey T-Shirt - £16

The temperature in Manchester has plummeted over the past couple of days, so on a lunch break I did a quick run around Primark and picked up some jumpers to fully equip myself for another winter. I refuse to spend £38 on a jumper in Topshop, when there are some beauties in Primark at the moment. 

Every single one of the Primark jumpers is ridiculously cosy; I've lived in the maroon one since I bought it on Tuesday. It is also identical to Essie's Angora Cardi nail polish. 
I bought each of the jumpers oversized, to fully appreciate the comfiness. 

The snood was an impulse buy, but I find that the men's selection in Primark are bigger, and not adorned in sequins or glittery thread, which is definitely not my taste. 
The jeans, for £7 are amazing. They are of a similar thickness to the Topshop Leigh jeans, for reference, and have so far held their shape. I bought the petite size 6, and they fit like a glove. The only complaint is that they are a tad baggy around the ankles, but as I tend to roll my jeans up, it really doesn't matter.

The boots, which I have dubbed my 'Russell Brand boots', I first saw on Aimee's blog are definitely my favourite purchase so far. I resent spending a ton of money on boots, as I own a pair of Doc Marten's which I live in throughout winter. However, I googled around and found a couple of discount codes and managed to get these online for £25. Bargain. And they're comfortable and hug my feet perfectly - no breaking in required.

What are your Autumn essentials?

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  1. With this horrible weather today, all I want to do is go out and buy my winter wardrobe! Lovely boots, need to get some asap myself! x

    1. Get to Primark! They've got some brilliant stuff in at the minute. Loads of coats and cardigans and jumpers. So so lovely :)
      ! xxx

  2. I need boots so badly, but have fallen in love with a completely unpractical heeled pair in H&M. I'm 5ft 8ish, my friends at uni are all tiny in comparison and I always feel so self-conscious when I wear heels next to them at the best of times! Definitely would need a flat pair too...xx

    1. H&M has some really good ones in at the moment, heeled or not! New Look is a good place to go for cheapish pairs too :) I'm a midget at 5 ft1 so I can pretty much wear anything. Pros and cons I guess :) xxx

  3. absolutely adore these boots, i love harness style boots but these seem so practical & i love that they have a slight heel as I think I could get away with these for work. xxx

    1. They are so comfortable too, you could easily be on your feet all day in them. I wear them constantly! Best bargain ever xxx


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