Sunday, 23 September 2012

Weekly Summary #32

Pasta Norma for lunch with Abbey, New tattoo, Painting Reece's toenails - naturally,
Final uni book arrived, Masterchef marathon snacks, Caps texting,
Off to town, Blogged, Chicken and bacon wrap

  1. Hardly any photos this week as it's been another busy one! I had work experience on Monday and Tuesday; I'm really enjoying my time there, and I was given copy to proof-read before it goes into print tomorrow. Very exciting!
  2. Wednesday meant an induction at uni and then lunch at Font with some of the lovely ladies, and also hopping on the train to Leeds to get my leg tattooed by the lovely Sway at Sacred Electric. It was a spur of the moment decision sometime last week where I saw a sheet of flash he had drawn up and wanted to tattoo the pieces. I chose one and got booked in for Wednesday. I am ridiculously happy with it and Sway is a genuinely lovely guy. It was fun. I met Reece on the train back to Manchester and he came to stay for a couple of nights. It was lovely.
  3. I stayed in Manchester this weekend due to being off work so I have literally done nothing. Well, I popped into town yesterday on the lookout for a parka, but had no luck. I did buy a lovely jumper from Zara though, for a tenner.
  4. I'm back at uni tomorrow :D and can't wait. It feels like forever ago since I last sat in a seminar. I'm excited to have the routine again, I feel like this year is the year that counts, and I feel ready for it. I'm a better, stronger person than I was last year so I'm ready to give it my all. Cheesy. 
I'm off to catch an early night and do a bit of reading for the seminar tomorrow! I hope you all had a lovely week :)

Thanks for reading x


  1. Got to love a good old nosey Instagram post! haha - Great blog hun, I've become your latest follower.

    Rebecca xx

    1. I enjoy them haha! :) thank you for following lovely! xxx


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