Sunday, 9 September 2012

Weekly Summary #30

Day One of work experience, Malteaser tart after lunch, Reece instagramming his burrito,
Taco Bell lovin', Purchases, Lunch with Lydia,
Night in, OOTD, CV,
Finally got around to starting this - I'm a fan, Going home, Rude not to,
Midnight purchase, Window shopping, Dog nicked the ice cream tub,
Night out, Doggy cuddles, NEW BOOTS ARRIVED! (H&M)

  1. Yet again: long time, no speak. However, this time it was not due to laziness; my laptop went and decided to break - highly inconvenient as it disrupted my work experience placement - but it is all fixed now!
  2. Saying that, I managed one day of work experience! It is a lovely little place to work, I'm enjoying it a lot. I haven't really stuck my teeth into it yet, but I'm back tomorrow for a few days, so we'll see how it goes! I'll definitely do a post after this week to let you know how it went!
  3. Due to the lack of laptop and lack of work experience, my boyfriend came to stay the night. I went home on Monday evening as I had a driving test on Tuesday (failed, but nevermind). I met Reece on the train to Leeds as we went to pay off his tattoo. We then hopped on another train to Manchester. We spent most of the time eating - Yo! Sushi, Taco Bell and a takeaway in the space of 24 hours - and shopping. He is such an enabler it's ridiculous. I had a lovely time showing him a few of my favourite places, I'm sure there'll be plenty more of that to come.
  4. Lydia also came back to Manchester for a couple of days so we had lunch at Bella Italia. It's so nice when she comes back, it feels so much more like home with Lydia around, she truly is one of my best friends. I can't wait till we're all back in the house together, although a third Fresher's Week doesn't seem a joyous prospect I must say.
  5. Last night I went out with my work friends to celebrate a few people leaving (sob). A couple are going off to start uni, and one left to go to another (better) job. It was bittersweet, but still lovely; especially after a horrible shift at work.
So there we go, another busy, eventful week. I spent the rest of the evening watching X Factor and My Sister's Keeper with Lauren. It's great to be back in Manchester.
Tomorrow I'm back at Comma and then home on Wednesday to attend a memorial service for the lovely teacher who sadly passed away a couple of months ago. A visit to Reece will be squeezed in at some point too. 

More posts are coming! Including a University Experience post (as they seem to be the most popular) and a post all about my first 'proper' week at my work experience placement.

Thank you all for reading, it is truly appreciated, you lovely lot :) xxx


  1. hey its me from twitter,hope ur nights going well,i stumbled across your blog,i log at

    I just became your 82nd follower,plz become my 4th ?? lol

    and yeah ill tweet at

    1. Hi, I'll take a look at your blog :)
      Thanks for following xx

  2. Ah you make me want to get a tattoo! Really want one or two but I'm trying to wait a while so I'm confident on what I want! Do love your new boots! xx

    1. that's the best way to do it :)! Thank you, they're amazingly comfortable too! xx


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