Sunday, 30 September 2012

Weekly Summary #33 (21st Birthday edition)

First day back at uni, Princess Diaries, Coffee cake,
Off to Huddersfield, Compromise - football and film, FINISHED!
Going home, Reunited, Birthday meal starter,
And main, Birthday OOTN, On cola

  1. Hi guys! I'M 21 TOMORROW!! So this week has been crazy! I started back at uni on Monday, went to see Reece on Wednesday, went to Leeds on Thursday then back to Manchester on Friday and then finally back home on Friday evening.
  2. Reece took me into Leeds and we went for an early birthday meal at Zizzi's in the Light. Italian food is my ultimate favourite so we gorged ourselves. He also bought me my replacement Jonny Craig ticket as he lost the other in his room somewhere. Fool.
  3. I also went out on Saturday night with my work friends, although due to catching a horrible cold off Lydia and feeling generally poop all week, I laid off the alcohol and went home early. I also rang in sick to work today and spent my time in bed recuperating. I now feel much better, although wish I could have stayed out a bit longer.
  4. I also had my inner arm tattoo finished. It only took about 40 minutes and didn't hurt half as much as the first session. I'm so pleased with it.
  5. Colette and I exchanged gifts tonight, as we won't see each other on our actual birthday. She got me a beautiful silver Fossil watch, which needs a link taking out, a feather bracelet and a feather ring. They're stunning. I refrained from wearing them until tomorrow though. I've got a stack of cards to open from family too, I feel very, very lucky. I think being 21 is going to be good.
I'm currently in bed and plan on watching Despicable Me and reading the last 50 pages of a book for uni tomorrow. It's been a good week :)

I hope you're all lovely (as always)
Thanks for reading xxx


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