Sunday, 4 November 2012

Weekly Summary #38

£50 Domino's, Coffee date, American sweeties,
Ootd, Again, Purchases,
Ootd, ALEXISONFIRE TICKETS ARRIVED, Buy one get one free gingerbread lattes

  1. This week was my reading week from uni; safe to say absolutely no reading was done. I am actually starting to panic about how little dissertation work I've done to be honest. Kick up the arse is needed!
  2. Reece stayed in Manchester this week, you can see what we got up to in this post :) It was lovely to have him here for longer than a day.
  3. We came home on Wednesday evening and I have been working every day since - helpful for Christmas present-buying money, but a bit crap otherwise. 
  4. I also managed to get into a huge fight with a taxi driver. He turned up 20 minutes late,  making me late for work, so I refused to pay. He tried to follow me into work and threatened to phone the police. Luckily, the lovely managers at work stuck up for me and got rid of him. Very hectic, and scary.
  5. MY ALEXISONFIRE TICKETS CAME. Definitely one of the highlights of a rubbishy weekend; Reece and I are off to London the first weekend in December to attend the farewell gig. I can't wait!
Definitely a week of two halves, but some cheeky (and cheap) purchases have helped sooth the wounds of a crap weekend!
I hope you are all well!

Thanks for reading x

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