Friday, 9 November 2012

What I Wore Today #1


Mango coat, Usc dress - no longer available, Fossil watch, Carhartt bag,
Nike trainers, Primark snood - not online.

This is what I wore to uni today; the shoes and bag are both recent acquisitions, retail therapy was needed after a naff weekend last week. 

I'm in love with trainers at the moment and very rarely wear anything else; I've been reading Scandinavian fashion blogs a lot at the moment - my favourites are and - where trainers are often the footwear of choice. The Scandinavian style is really interesting and inspiring. 
This Nike pair were a complete bargain, and also replace my black Vans which are dying a death. They're also super comfortable. 

I'm also getting more into street-wear brands, like Carhartt - the bag was a bargain at £35 from Zalando. I had initially seen the bag on Asos for £44, so £40 with student discount, but then found it on Zalando for £40, but if you sign up to their mailing list you get a £5 voucher to spend, reducing the price further.
Although Carhartt is pretty expensive full price, the quality belies it though, as it is a brand that started out as a durable work-wear brand so everything lasts ages.

In the end I did end up changing the dress to a big black jumper (from H&M years ago), belted at the waist, as it was way too cold for the dress, and of course wore tights and socks. 

I'm not an OOTD girl - I hate having my photo taken, but I like piecing together these collages, so let me know if you like them and I'll keep doing them :)

Thanks for reading x

A book review will be going up once I get back to Manchester; I forgot to take photos before I came home!


  1. Good idea of doing this feature as a collage, and I LOVE the coat! I want one!

    1. Thanks Kitty :) they're on sale on Asos for like £32! go go go! xxx


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